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CrossFit and whiplash

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  • CrossFit and whiplash

    Got rear-ended by a pickup truck on Friday. I was stopped, he was going maybe 20, 25? My neck, shoulders, and back are quite sore but doc said it's just muscle strain, nothing worse going on.

    I was really looking forward to going back to CrossFit on Monday, after bronchitis kept me mostly sidelined for a couple weeks. Now I don't know whether to go in and take it easy -- light weights or PVC, nothing that hurts -- or just suck it up and stay home for another week or so.

    I didn't ask the doc about it because she'd already told me not even to go to work (desk job) for a few days, which frankly seems extreme.

    What would you do if it were you?

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    Go to your box, take it easy, and if it doesn't feel better, stop and go home. Sometimes working out loosens things up, sometimes not. Just listen to your body.


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      Stay home and recover from the injury. I know it's not exactly the crossfit mantra, but better safe than sorry.
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        I second what Goldie said. Explain the situation to your coach, and don't do anything painful.

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          I would recommend getting a better eval done first off. I'd suggest a Chiropractor, but a PT could work as well. Basically someone with the knowledge to assess and diagnose these sorts of injuries and make conservative recommendations in regards to getting you back to 100% quickly. Follow their advice.
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            Stay home and work on mobility. If you must, go for a light jog to warm things up a bit. Concentrate on foam rolling your back.

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