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Shoulder stability questions. What my physio said -Need help!

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    Ok, two workouts. A and B

    Workout A.

    Warm-up -
    5 min cardio.
    1-2 sets of light face-pulls 15-20 reps
    1-2 sets of light dumbbell external rotations 15-20 reps

    Dead-lift, 3x5 plus warm-up sets.
    Rows - 3x8 -12 Either bent over barbell rows or 1 arm DB rows, ill go by how I feel. Bodyweight rows on the smith machine or trx aswell.
    Chin-ups (people say chins and neutral grip are easier on shoulders) 3x max or near max reps. Good form.
    Rear delt fly - 3x15-20 reps

    Is that too much volume??

    Workout B.
    Face pulls, as above
    External rotations, as above


    Squat, 3x5
    Push work if at all, but I don't know what to do instead of BB OH press and Bench.

    On my off days, Scapula push-ups, prone cobras or wall slides and band dislocates
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        Ok, I just wanted to give everyone an update and ask some more questions.
        My shoulder pain is gone day to day, but it still plays up if I do too much with it in the gym. The other day I did 5 sets of 3 dips, and a few sets of wall handstands NOT to failure and they felt fine. After that I did 2 sets of cable external rotations and my shoulders felt the burn. If I had done any more I would have paid for it though.

        Since then, I've been progressing on the dead lift and squat and been hitting the back work but I cant tell if my shoulder is getting any better.

        When I do external rotations, the next couple of days my bad shoulder hates me. It's not necessarily that i's injured, but it feels weak, and well sore. If I then mimic an external rotation it burns like crazy and feels sore. I can't tell if it's 'lactic acid' sore or "You should not be doing external rotations" sore.

        I've also been doing prone cobras and scapula push-ups, while stretching and massaging my chest and bicep and traps but how long is it supposed to be before I noticed positive changes, not only in my posture but shoulder stability, so I can freaking overhead press again?

        One more question, do I do external rotations to failure, near failure, or just till they start to get harder to perform?