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Who here uses equipment with rotating handles?

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  • Who here uses equipment with rotating handles?

    For example

    the perfect push up$T2eC16dHJHwE9n8ii-6,BRPhzwm(H!~~60_35.JPG

    Weight Bar / SupraBar Curl Bar w/ Revolving Handles Weight Bar / SupraBar Curl Bar w/ Revolving Handles: Sports & Outdoors

    Gymnastic rings for pull ups

    Those are just some examples but I have been really been thinking about how it just makes more sense to do exercises that actually allow us to move in the natural way we are intended to move. Anyone in this mindset?

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    I'd love to try one of those bars but never had an opportunity.
    Too expensive to order blind.

    I do have 2 different types of "ez curl" bars, a "trap bar" and a "tricep bar" to fit a natural grip to each exercise.

    to allow totally natural movement it may be that simple dumbells are the best choice.
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      I'm not sure I agree with you that it is the "natural" way to move. It allows you to utilize the path of best leverage for your body, but I'm not sure that is "natural". The Perfect Pushup bars let you move in a way that is good for your shoulders and elbows, but that's not natural, is it? When doing a real pushup, the earth doesn't actually twist under your hands, does it?

      Rings are awesome, but not because of the "natural" movement, but because of the insanely unnatural difficult amazing things that can be done on them. In reality, pullups are more "natural" on a rock face or tree branch, neither of which move with your body.

      I guess that I find it so rare that things in nature move in the best leverage path of your muscles that it seems really unnatural to use those tools.