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Barefoot sprinting transition

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  • Barefoot sprinting transition

    Wrote a post before, it was confusing to reread and in hindsight I need more sleep before making a post!

    I've been transitioning to vibram five fingers and my question though simple is something I have seen many conflicting things about it all over the internet.

    How am I suppose to sprint?

    Walking has been easy. I land normally mid foot without trying, lowering my heel, and then pushing off..... no issue.

    Sprinting, I am on my toes completely until I slow down where I seem to clobber the ground with troll stomps!

    Of course transitioning to vibrams and three weeks in doing tabata sprints probably not good. But overall, no extreme foot pain or discomfort but my calves are tight for 1-2 days afterwards.

    Should I be concerned about the pain thus far? Should I be trying to land my heel in a full sprint? (I'm not sure I would know how to do this, staying up on my toes feels the most natural for sprinting and even as a kid I remember doing it.)

    I don't want to continue doing a potentially dangerous movement that lands me unable to sprint for an extended time....

    Thanks for any advice!

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    1. Pain is not good. Tightness and soreness is normal, especially in your calves.
    2. No heels. Stay on your toes. Heels down is not a sprint.
    3. Don't try to slow yourself down. Just stop sprinting. Maintain the same form, move your legs just as fast, but don't push off. You'll slow down gradually to the point where you can control yourself again.