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    I'm thinking about doing Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet 2.0 for 4-6 weeks after I move. I think it would be a great time to do that since, in order to do UD 2.0, I have to pretty much take a break from Crossfit. I've read about the protocol through Thursday so haven't gotten to the weekend yet. So far, it doesn't look especially healthy to me, but I'm only going to use it as a crash diet.

    My question has to do with the workouts he prescribes. The glycogen-depleting workouts on Monday and Tuesday are all isolated lifts where you use machines. I'm wondering if I can replace those with compound lifts. I'm sure I can, but I don't know how to design my own protocol that will be as effective at glycogen depletion.

    Have you done UD 2.0? Did you use the prescribed workouts, or did you do something else? If you did something else, could you tell me what you did?

    I may very well end up using machines if I can't find a globo gym that has squat racks. But I'd rather not. Mostly cuz machines suck and partly cuz I have no idea what my 1 RM is on any of the machines, but I do know my 1 RM for almost all the (common) compound lifts. And he says that the glycogen-depleting workouts should be done at 60% of your 1RM so I'd have to figure out what that is on all the machines.

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    You have to use the machines, because the idea is not to gain strength or grow muscular mass, but to deplete your muscles with 90 reps of light weights. I had the same question, and the answer i: do as prescribed. EXACTLY as prescribed. To the SMALLEST detail. It is not healthy at all, and one thing the diet is missing is the 'after the diet' stage. It is great getting you there, holding it... not so much.
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      Thanks, Leida! I guess I'll have to start figuring out what my 1 RM is on all of those machines.

      Did you take any of the supplements he recommends?

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