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Sprinting in vibrams and slowing down

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  • Sprinting in vibrams and slowing down

    Hello all!

    So, I have been sprinting now for around 8 weeks and recently began tabatha sprints. (yay).

    I am doing said sprints in Vibrams for the past three weeks and of course have a lot of new muscles awakening!)

    Pain wise, nothing in my feet. My calves/shins are sore but that clears within 2 days. I feel everything has been okay so far while transitioning to barefoot running. My question is foot striking. When I sprint, I know I am obviously on my forefoot. However, when slowing down should I mentally be making myself stay up on my heels and essentially stop by lowering down to my heel when I am about stopped?

    I don't have any pain when stopping with what I might call a heel strike but I know it is not the same feeling as I "clobbered" the ground in my mizuno running shoes.... Should I just see what happens or is there any way in particular I should be slowing my run when I am stopping?