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  • Getting lazier...?

    Since going Primal I've noticed that my interest in lifting weights has waned that I'm only averaging one weights workout per week at the moment. I find it hard to motivate myself to do any more than this...

    FWIW, I am also currently attempting a 'hundred push ups' challenge (, which has me 'working out' every other day or so (it doesn't even take ten minutes...). I'm also walking a lot. Today, for example, I will have walked just over ten miles once I get home later. I find myself leaving earlier and earlier in the mornings so that I can walk more.

    Has anybody else experienced anything like this? I feel guilty for not lifting as much and am a bit fearful that if I don't use it I'll lose it (as the saying goes).


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    I haven't done much lifting in a while either. I've found that I want to explore calisthenics more (using your bodyweight only) but I'm sometimes adding weight to pull-ups and dips which is not pure calisthenics anymore. My goal is to be able to do some of the outrageous stuff I see some youtube guys pull off on the bars.

    I loved weight training too but mine was very minimal which may be something you should look into, my progression with weights went as such:

    - Stronglifts 5x5 system for about a month and a half (look it up)
    - Starting Strength 3x5 system, but using the same recommended split as Stronglifts. I basically decreased the sets but still did 5 reps of each. About 2-3 weeks.
    - Power to the People! which was to me the most controversial of all. The author (comrade Pavel) recommends doing only deadlifts and a press (side press, bench press, overhead press.. side press being the hardest for me) and only 2 sets of 5. When I switched to PTTP I was done with my workouts in under 20 minutes but would usually do pull-ups and dips too. I did this for about 3 weeks as well.

    As I noticed my pull up and dip numbers getting a bit higher I started to mess more with that, doing static holds, negatives, pyramids, adding weight etc. I discovered that weight training had already set me up with the type of body I'm hoping to achieve and what I need to do is keep chiseling the fat away. Now I'm doing mostly calisthenics, pull ups, dips, chin ups, squats, push ups with varied hand position, attempting planches, doing L-sits when I do my chin ups, leg raises, etc and have discovered there's a lot you can do just with your body weight. I feel I'd rather master my own body and will it to do different things on the bar than being able to put up X amount of weight on any given lift. I'm still planning on acquiring a bar bell and some weights though do still strength train that way sometimes.

    Sorry for the tangent but yeah, maybe a Power to the People approach would suit you best, you'd be in and out faster and on to do other things you enjoy. You'll definitely feel it too.

    I forgot to mention, if you have not yet looked into Shovelglove read up Timothy's guide on the board. I do that about 3x a week, sometimes at random (it's fucking primal... trust) and it really is sweet. You will feel your muscles after a good shovelglove session and I haven't even gone past week 2 in the tutorial trying to get the movement down and improving upon them before moving on. My back feels it every time but in a good way. I think that would give girls very nice muscle definition.
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      I've been feeling the same way lately... I think what does it the most for me is that I don't have any CLEAR goals or workout routines established. I also have back/neck pain a lot, which gets in the way of lifting heavy (which I truly want to be doing.) Pre-primal, I used to get motivated to workout because of the calories in=calories out mentality... I thought, if I don't do some sort of exercise, I'll eventually put on weight. Eating primally and fasting periodically, I don't really see it this way. You feel the same way?

      I'm going back up north for the summer, and am determined to hit the weights (VERY carefully!) by giving myself specific time/reps/weights to follow. I think giving yourself a laid-out routine makes it easier to just DO IT!
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        @Iniquity, how did you like Stronglifts 5x5? Why only a month? I was thinking of doing that with my own variations by subbing in some dips, HLR, renegade rows and lunges.
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          Stronglifts was weird to me. I went bar-only for all exercises at first and that was good to learn form but it was painfully slow and I didn't feel like I was working at all. It was very mental at first I would say. I started cheating and adding weight faster than I was supposed to but I didn't feel motivated otherwise. Eventually I started working out in the morning and my time was cut short so I couldn't do 5 sets per exercise and started looking into something else. The 3x5 approach to Stronglifts I liked better, less sets, more intensity, shorter workouts. Once I started adding the pull-ups, dips, etc I started looking for even less weighted stuff and I moved on to Power to the People.

          In retrospect I think a 3x5 Stronglifts approach would suit me best going forward. I truly enjoyed the minimalist PTTP approach but I think Stronglifts is more well-rounded. However, I think that may come from years of CW and "keeping the muscle guessing" and thinking that two exercises can't possibly work your whole body (it can).

          If you're going to do Stronglifts in the 5x5 protocol, it's going to take a while to get out of the gym. I could never keep it under an hour, even when I would do supersets which I don't think the program recommends. I would do Squat then chest press (or overhead press depending on the day) to cut the time down, sometimes I would skip the body weight stuff etc so since I wasn't really following the program I felt I should just look into something else.
          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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            iniQuity, you might try the 3x5 program on Project Swole's website:

            It's a good program that my wife and I both use. It's short, but challenging.


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              I thought that the program might take awhile...I really don't want to spend an hour in the gym 3x a week, I just don't think I'll have time while working this summer, on top of some other "cardio" workouts my mother wanted me to do with her. How long are your rests between sets? I never knew how long to wait to hit another set...
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                iniQuity, if you are into the calisthenics, check out Convict Conditioning. It's excellent! I can do a couple half handstand pushups now. This system is all about making bodyweight workouts TOUGH.
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