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Anyone else a closet DANCER?

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  • Anyone else a closet DANCER?

    I'm on day 5 of going primal and feeling amazing. I feel so light on my feet that I've actually taken up dancing as exercise (along with walking). I'm having SO much fun turning on some music and just dancing my heart out. I loved dancing when I was a little girl and often wish I had kept up with it, but as an adult there aren't many opportunities to dance. Since going primal, my muscles and joints feel so loose and flexible that I find myself longing to dance around the room.

    The problem is that I feel a little awkward about it! So far I've managed to dance when I'm by myself, but today I was struggling to find a time when no one was around...not an easy thing to do when you're married with 4 children! I finally managed to find a few minutes to steal my daughter's iPod (which mostly has my music on it since it used to be mine) and lock myself in my bedroom. When my husband knocked on the door just as I was finishing and asked what I was doing, I was embarrassed to admit I had been dancing. Haha! (Fortunately, he didn't say anything, especially since he knows I've gone a little nutty about this primal thing, but he did give me a strange look!) What is it about dancing that people think you're crazy for doing it by yourself, unless you happen to be a child or a professional dancer?

    I have no problem with doing an aerobics video in front of my family, but dancing up a storm with my own moves....I feel a little weird about doing that in front of people (even though my kids are young enough that they aren't embarrassed by me--yet!).

    If you enjoy dancing by yourself, when do you do it? Do you have a problem doing your "dance exercise" in front of people?

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    I have been dancing lately too! It's a great workout and I find it to be, personally, spiritual.

    I haven't taken my dancing to the outer world just yet, but I've been challenging myself to do other "embarrassing" things in public lately, so it may not be too far off!

    BTW, I'm not a great dancer at all, I just let loose!!
    I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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      Dancing is the BOMB! I agree boxcarguy - it's totally spiritual.

      I've always danced a lot. In my teens I was part of a drama company that performed a lot of musicals, so I was usually dancing a few times a week. Then in my twenties I did (a lot) of clubbing

      In the last couple of years I've really missed it but none of those formal dance classes (salsa etc) appealed to me. I started doing Dance Aerobics a few weeks ago and I love it! Maybe you could try Zumba?

      I also started going to alcohol-free raves, but I don't think they're widely available
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