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Maintaining Mass while lifting

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  • Maintaining Mass while lifting

    Hi all, new poster here.

    There's a lot of info around about how to gain mass while lifting. I get it--just eat an excess of (primal) food. But what about maintaining that level of mass? For instance, if I put on 15 lbs in a year as a result of big lifting and eating a lot, but then decide I can't eat that much food but I keep lifting, do I just lose all that mass gradually? Or do I keep the mass even if I decide to eat a bit less?

    My concern is that frankly, I don't want to be eating 4-5k calories per day for the rest of my life, doing (imo) crazy things such as drinking a gallon of milk a day or eating lunch meat as a snack from my car cooler regularly. But if I can put on the mass and maintain it and put that period of excess eating away, I'll go ahead and do the bulk.

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    Can you maintain mass on a non-primal diet?


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      If you are eating 4-5000 calories in a surplus to gain muscle then your maintenance will be lower than that. When finishing your bulking, you can diet down a bit to get rid of fat and your maintenance will be even lower...
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        Once you hit your weight goal, you'll be able to hit maintenance without a problem because you'll be used to eating that much food to stay energized.

        Don't worry about it.
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          A slow and simplified approach is a much better way to go about it. Bulking (by eating extra food) only results in extra fat gain, and it puts you in a position where you are required to cut for a while. You really only can gain so much muscle naturally anyways, and that initial amount is fortunately easy to gain.

          Your better bet is to take a slow and simplified approach. The simplified approach is to let diet and your workouts be mutually exclusive. In other words, rely only on lifting to build the muscle and strength, and rely on eating to live. Simple enough? When you do it that way, you will get all the food you need to build muscle, it won't be a problem. And you should be able to stay relatively lean while doing so, instead of eating like a pig and turning into a fat slob. Then all you've got to do is a short cut once in a while to keep the fat off.

          The best part about doing it that way is that you truly can maintain top strength most of the time, because you never have to do a long cut. Long cuts are no good because they always result in at least a temporary strength loss due to lack of energy. It might take longer to do it that way, but at least you'll never have to be fat.

          Also, the leaner lifter will win the race in the long run. Because he never has to do a long cut, so he always has good energy levels. When the fat guy does his long cut in order to lean out, a lot of that strength goes along with it. The guy who plays it smart by staying lean, he'll never have to experience such a problem.

          I know it because I've lived it. I've competed in strength sports and I know what I've been through and what I've seen with competitors. Extra fat doesn't add any extra strength when compared to the guy who stays lean. The lean guy can stay strong. But if you're fat and try to cut, your strength drops no matter how hard you try and/or how heavy you lift. Again, the guy who stays lean will never have that problem, and eventually over time his muscles will build some descent size.

          I sure hope that helps. Don't bulk. Lift heavy and get strong. And stay lean.


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            yes. hope that helps. Don't bulk. Lift heavy and get strong. And stay lean.