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vibrams for high arched foot type

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  • vibrams for high arched foot type

    Anyone have experience with wearing vibrams with broad, high archedfeet? I've had to wear orthotics for years, I supinate and get super tight in pereious muscle, so think it unlikely vibrams would suit me.

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    I also have ridiculously high arches (my standard issue boots cut into the tips of my feet and blister) and plantar fasciitis. I have spent a lot of time in orthotics. Basically I was able to wean myself of of them and into a minimalist shoe after about a year. These shoes are meant to strengthen your feet's natural support so of done properly it should be a good thing. Just take it slow and make sure your form is good, do not strike with your heel, and stretch your calves well. My calves get tight if I suddenly run a long distance without working up to it, but I no longer wear orthotics except for rucking with a heavy pack.


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      Fff I though of something else... There are foot exercises you can do to loosen and strengthen your arch as well. Try looking online.


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        How are you walking barefoot? I have extremely high arches as well, and for years used custom orthotics and was convinced that I could not wear minimal shoes. But I've always loved being barefoot and I found that my feet/arches were naturally strengthened from that, so switching to my New Balance Minimus was not as big a transition as I thought it would be. Try being barefoot more often for a while, and really focus on flexing/stretching your feet.


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          The vibram five fingers site has great foot exericises. It has been suggested that people transition to the FF by buying minimalist shoes first. After a while get the FF and wear them a few hour at a time, all while doing the exercises.


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            There's some good info here: go to beginning and it has some good tips for transitioning

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