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Help me pick a better lifting goal please!

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  • Help me pick a better lifting goal please!

    Hello! I have been primal for well over a year now but I overindulged in primal treats this summer and put on some weight! I drank too much wine mostly but also ate out at restaurants often and included too much rice and potatoes in my diet. Anyway, now I want to get back into my small pants (weighed about 10lbs less when they fit) but as some other members pointed out, maybe that is a crap/vain goal and I should pick something more fitness related, something that is actually helpful to me in real life. So I thought increasing what I can lift might be a good goal.

    Some fitness background; I walk to get around a lot and besides that I also do stronglifts 5x5. I weigh 124lbs (give or take a couple), squat 125lbs, dead 125lbs, overhead 55lbs, bench 75lbs. What I lift now is only 5lbs under what I lifted before I went on vacation (no gym on vacation). Squat is my favorite lift, so I was thinking that I especially want to add to that. Only thing is, I don't know what would be appropriate for a goal! How much weight can I expect to add in a certain amount of time? For example, can I expect to add 30lbs to my squat in 3 months? I need some help choosing a decent goal! Thank you!
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    I think it depends what phase you're in, how long you've been lifting, etc etc

    Just go for a goal I reckon! If you don't make it on time, you haven't lose anything, you'll still be some of the way there.

    Be careful though because just because you squat 150lb won't mean your jeans will fit again... might be the opposite Having a goal for your jeans to fit again is fine! We're allowed to be a bit vain.
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      My goal is pretty obtainable. I have the same goal each and every workout. Thats to do either more reps or more weight than the last time I did that workout. In addition the goal is to hit complete momentary muscle failure with a 100% effort and precise form.

      As to specific weights. Yeah thats tough to say, but I think 30lbs in three months isn't a bad place to start. Thats actually 1/4 of your current lift so would actually constitute a great improvement. Good luck!


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        Nixxy; I've been lifting about a year, but I don't lift over school breaks. No gym. I know what you're saying with the jeans, I am totally OK with being too muscular for them just not too fat

        Neckhammer; I like that goal of precise form too, sounds like a good one to have!

        Thanks to the both of ya, I think I will shoot for the 30lbs!
        "...You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. -Ginny

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