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    I am happy to read your story of hiking. I can help you any problem for hiking ,you can read more story for hiking and hiking boots.
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      We tend to do short day hikes, usually once a week if we can. We just did one yesterday -- DS is comfortable at moderate hikes (as opposed to easy/difficult) for about 2.5-3 hrs. So, this is our current max.

      my personal day-hike preference is usually something like a day hike of katahdin or the tongoriro crossing. These are generally "moderate" to difficult and take about 8-10 hrs at a comfortable pace. I also like to take "look out" breaks.

      when we move, we'll probably stick to city park trail hikes for the beginning (PGH has some nice, big parks with various trails), and I've already found some trails outside of the city that interest me. I'd like to get DS up to day-hiking capacity, and we might do longer hikes along the hut system in the AT down the track. I don't really know, though.

      It's a great "sport" for DS. It does his spirit good.