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  • Core & Balancing exercise wanted

    I'm looking for a good core/balancing exercise for the play days. Though I would love to do SUP and really like the slackline, though neither works well with my work life and big city downtown living. Ideas???

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    Slack line is awesome, if you can find a bit of green and two trees. I know it's tough to find in NYC.

    Try doing planches, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels. The planches will rock your core and shoulders the most!


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      There are a bunch of things you can do: planks (there are different variations), hollow holds, toes to bars or knees to elbows if you have access to a bar (I think these are probably similar to hanging leg lifts), V-sits.

      Take a pilates class.

      Also, things like overhead presses and overhead squats (any lift that involves holding weights overhead) improve core strength as well.

      Edited to add: If you want to buy a bosu, you can learn to balance on those.

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        Handstands and planches are gonna be two great static exercises involving serious core and shoulder strength. If you cant do these maneuvers yet, try handstands using a wall while trying to minimize your dependence on it for balance. Kick off the wall and see how long you can hold the handstand static. When you can hold it without wall support, progress to trying handstand pushups. If you fail, attempt them with the wall. The more you rely on the wall, the less core strength you will recruit though. Planches are something ive yet to master, but practicing a tuck planche will help you progress. Also try sitting on the ground with your legs out in L sit position, and hold yourself off the ground. If you can get good at this, try moving from the L sit into a tuck planche, then press up into a handstand. Hope it works for you.

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