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Adapting primal for joint issues

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  • Adapting primal for joint issues

    I've been following a primal diet for about a year now - I started doing it for weight loss and it has been very successful I have made it lowish carb (~60g/day) but other than that, no real changes. A couple of months ago I managed to catch Fifth's Disease (parvovirus) from my daughter with all the lovely joint pain issues that can come with it in adults. Most of the pain has now cleared up, but I have still got really sore tendons in both shoulders (rotator cuff issues) which my GP says is still related to the virus. This can last for months to years apparently Does anyone have any suggestions of possible ways to adapt the diet which may help shorten the recovery time? I'm doing stretches etc, which seem to help some, but there seems to be no pattern to when the joints are "worse" or "better"

    Thanks for any help!

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    Sorry to here. My niece went through this. Feel so bad for any kiddos that get hit by it. Anyhow, just eating a low inflammatory diet.... no sugar and refined grains, excess bad oils, ect.... is really a great start, and thats what Primal is. A couple things that maybe could help you along would be getting plenty of bone broth (2-4 cups a day)... this has lots of great constituents for joint health. Here is a link: The Jade Institute | Bone Broth for Health Building: Nourishing the Liver and Kidneys. The other thing would be to become a huge fan of spices like tumeric and here is a link on that Top 10 Favorite Herbs and Spices | Mark's Daily Apple.