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AC Joint injury & quitting the gym- your thoughts

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  • AC Joint injury & quitting the gym- your thoughts

    So about 2 months ago I joined the local gym complex for $60 a month. Everything was going well until last week when I re-injured my ac joint that I had a grade 3 separation on 8 years ago. I've gone a lot of manual labor with that shoulder in those 8 years and eve raced a few half ironman triathlons and not one twinge out of it. 5 weeks of isolated exercises at the gym and it has separated and almost put be back to square one.

    It is obvious these exercises are no good for me and it has got me thinking, as I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe the gym isn't for me. Every compound exercise I could do there I can replicate a home or by doing the things mentioned in the primal blueprint fitness.

    I have a large shed that I can clean a space in to put up a chin up bar and a place to hang my TRX. I drive past about 6 beaches to and from work and live on a quiet street about 1km from a cycle track and parks. I've got some dumb bells but am thinking now that just my own body weight will be enough. I've got about 10% body fat to lose.

    Running on a treadmill is a fad I have since cured myself of. What I want is:
    Lean muscle, basically to LGN.
    Be fit and healthy and reduce my stress
    Be all round muscle balanced as much as I can- not a body builder.
    Have boundless energy (something I didn't have when I was a triathlete)

    Thinking out load and wanting your thoughts on what I should do. Going to the gym 5x a week didn't work and if I follow the primal way of just lifting heavy things once per week I don't really need a gym membership...

    I don't get very much regular sun exposure as I work inside all day. So my lifting and sprinting could be done on my way home from work in nice sunshine.

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    I separated my shoulder a few years ago. Now it just hurts if I throw football a lot.

    I would see a sports orthopedic doctor, they could potentially fuse the AC joint to get the stability back. I wouldn't settle for diminished activity; bodyweight exercises can hurt it too (dips used to HURT!).


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      I saw all of them when I first did it. I don't want surgery. I got the strength back in the joint by getting acupuncture on it and creating some scar tussle to fuse it. I can't throw things like I used to, but I don't care about that. I just want it to work so I can do push ups and other body weight exercises.