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BCAA - How much?

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  • BCAA - How much?

    I'm going on Leangains and will be doing my workouts fasted. On his site Martin suggests taking 10 g of BCAA 15 minutes before the workout:

    Martin writes here:

    "Training is initiated on an empty stomach and after ingestion of 10 g BCAA or similar amino acid mixture"

    Now, my question is this - I bought Sci-MX BCAA Nanostack ( and the box says not to take more than 6 capsules a day, which together are 6 g. Is it safe to take 10 g? Also, the recommend taking them 3 before the workout and 3 within an hour, Martin suggests taking the 10 g together before the workout.

    Your thoughts?


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    You can't overdose on it; I'd follow Martin's advice. I've heard of people taking twice that much. It's basically just protein, just a more specific kind.
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      Thanks man. I read it at other places too. I'm not sure why they write "do not exceed" and "only take on days of workout"... sounds serious, I just don't understand where it comes from.
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        Have a look at what else they put in the product. Typically stacks also have some kind of thermogenic that can be unsafe if the recommended daily is exceeded. BCAA's by themselves are fine but the fat burners can really mess you up. If I were you I'd throw it away and consider it a lesson well spent.

        Go to a local health food store and grab just BCAA with nothing else. BCAA are the building blocks of proteins so you can't really "overdose" on them. Just be careful of anything that has the word "stack" in it.


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          There is nothing else in there, just B vitamin.


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            I just looked the product up. The B6 is 428% of your recommended daily intake so there is your thermogenic. That's a massive amount of B6. You will definitely be getting a stimulant effect from it. Don't exceed the 6 pills, plus you don't know if the B6 is synthetic (most likely it is) or natural. I stand by my original statement.


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              You should have bought plain powder, much cheaper. Tastes horrible and doesn't mix very well, but you get used to it. I take 10g, fasted kettlebell training.


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                I found this: "How much is too much? Too much vitamin B6 -more than 100 mg a day - can result in nervous symptoms such as pins and needles and tingling in the upper and lower limbs.
                Vitamins: how much is too much? | Mail Online "

                The pills have 1 mg... 10 gram (10 pills) would only be 10 mg. I think I can finish this box before I buy a new one, right? You're freaking me out!


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                  I have plain bcaa powder. It's the most bitter gawdawful thing, but its worth it and yes you can take the amount you need. The b6 remark previously made about excess amounts is, IMO, totally right and would be why you have a limit on the pills. Pills cost more too. I mix my bcaa with some flavoured stevia drink powder, to tone down the taste because... Eesh. Worth it though. Maybe get a powder and use up the pills by taking them as your first bcaa load, then use the powder for the next two loads? That way there's no waste, and you won't be od'ing on b6...
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