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  • *Biggest Loser* at work

    My company is going to be starting a Biggest Loser competition next week.
    They just announced this today.

    I'm planning on going completely primal for this period of time(hopefully forever) to see what happens.
    This works out because I wanted to go primal, and now i have some extra motivation.

    Here are the Stips:
    - 8 weeks long starting May 10th
    - Measure total percentage of weight lost
    - Weight is measured weekly
    - Whomever loses the most percentage of weight wins

    - $10 buy in
    - 1st place gets 60% of total funds raised
    - 2nd gets 25%
    - 3rd gets 15%

    There isn't any sort of diet or fitness plan, they are just going to let people do there own thing.

    I figured if at least 20 people join it, and I win first prize, that'll be a nice chunk of change just for losing some weight.

    What do you guys think?

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    You should go for it...when you win, you can tell them ALL about PB and they might actually listen since you beat them!


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      That's what i was thinking. If i Win I could really have some leverage, and change some peoples minds about dieting.


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        well i was going to say to start exercising for 6 hours a day, limit your calories to 1000 and become anorexic for the last few days before final weigh in..


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          LMAO JStrick!
          The more I see the less I know for sure.
          -John Lennon


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            The part about this kind of measurement that disturbs me is that there is no differentiation made between fat lost and muscle lost. Regardless, go primal and be healthy. Just be aware that your coworkers *may* be shredding muscle and fat and end up beating you on such a simplistic measurement.
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              Go primal, win you get cash, lose you still won!
              Give them nothing! But, take from them everything!


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                My company did this last year. In addition to the other recommendations, I suggest you eat nothing but pasta and bread for every meal up until the first weigh-in. There's a good chance you can pack on two or three more pounds just before the competition starts!


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                  I'm tempted to do this. No warning, but my company is starting this on Feb 1st. I'm 5'5", and can weigh anywhere from 126 to 130 on a given day. It lasts for 6 weeks and they say they are measuring with a body fat percentage scale (which is BS if you ask me). I just posted some pics in the success stories thread if anyone would like to see. It's reeaallly coming down to those last 10-15lbs, and sometimes I feel like I am plateauing HARD. $50 to enter and 8 people in so far.. What to do... what to do...


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                    We're doing this over the course of deployment within the aircrew in my squadron. I agree that just weight is very simplistic, and body fat % reduction would be better, but most people only understand the scale.

                    I say go for it and whoop them all.


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                      DO IT !!

                      BUT - Be sure you bring bacon/bacon burger patties (diced bacon mixed into the beef, formed into patties and strip bacon on top) into the lunch room when all those other folks are heating up their Jenny Craig Frankenfoods in the microwave oven. When you win they will all be thourougly confused!


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                        Yes, do THAT!
                        And please take a picture of the look of envy on their faces which they will attempt to disguise with a look of disgust.
                        Ooooh, that's a good one.


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                          We did this last fall and I won out of 21 people. I was, of course, the only one following the Primal Blueprint. I had just stopped eating all grains finally and ended up losing 14 pounds or so. This was after already losing 35 pounds previously. Our competition was both total pounds and total pounds percentage and I took first in both categories but could only win one prize. :-(. I'm probably 95% PB right now. I still drink raw goat's milk weekly.

                          We're starting another contest February 2nd and I'll enter again and see if I can win again. I've still got 12-15 pounds to go so I think I can probably do it without too much trouble considering my competition is Weight Watchers and not much else. I've also started EatStopEat's method of twice weekly 24 hour fasts which should help also.



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                            You wanna hear something funny? There is a VEGAN in the contest who is already very thin! I thought it was a joke but no.

                            Oh and Congrats Steve! I still can't believe TheHallowPrince's post somewhere about a work Biggest Loser Contest and no one thought to ask the guy who lost 80lbs on PB any advice on how to lose weight. DUMb!

                            Here 'tis -
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                              I won my department's fitness challenge last year... we did it by bodyfat % lost... got down to low 10%.