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Friend did a circuit workout and immediately had "burning chest"? Asthma?

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  • Friend did a circuit workout and immediately had "burning chest"? Asthma?

    My friend and I were dragging a boxing heavy bag back and forth in a bootcamp class.
    After just 4 drags (a few feet), my friend said her lungs/chest were "white hot burning".
    This can't be normal. I wasn't even breathing heavy yet.

    When I do something like a dozen hill sprints, or some non-stop 10 min. HIIT routine,
    sure, I feel winded, and am heaving for 1-2 mins. afterwards. That's normal.
    But, not after like 1 min of basic stuff.

    Any clue was this premature chest burning could be caused by?
    Where's a proper website I can read more.
    She is headed to the doctor within a few days to get it checked out.
    In fact, is there a certain type of doctor one should see about this situation?

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    More reps.


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      If your friend isn't in shape, "white hot burning" is exactly how I'd describe cardio. Even what you've described would have gotten that effect from me a few years ago. It might not be normal, but the more she does, the better it'll get. A regular doctor can test her lungs for any capacity issues or oxygen flow.
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        When you out of shape, breathing can cause burning sensation due to the CV system being non-adapted to the higher volumes of oxygen it must process. When I started running a few years back, after 2-3 min of running, I will burn. Now, the CV is fit, and I never get it. Just keep going and do a longer cool down interval before picking the intensity back up.
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