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SL 5x5 and sledgehammer advice

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  • SL 5x5 and sledgehammer advice

    Hi guys and gals,

    Just a quick routine/overtraining adjustment question. Now that I've left home and found my own 2 bedroom cave, I have room for my squat cage (much recommended). So I've been neglecting my hammer and tyre and I'm wanting to pick it back up again. Should I be doing this after lifting (M,W,F)or on off days (Tu,Th)?

    I was doing tabatas (sp?) but fancy just going all out for Xmins and counting reps to track improvement.

    Any opinions on this would great.


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    If you can do it on workout days, but >1 hour after lifting, you'll be better off than doing it directly after. Definitely don't do it on off days when you have to lift the following day. Saturday is the best day for a single session with this schedule.
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      That sounds sensible. It's quite taxing on lower back so that added recovery will come in handy. Really need to get some sprinting involvedaswell, so this will make a nice Saturday morning combo.

      Thanks Rich.