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Found a new way to squeeze in some exercise!

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  • Found a new way to squeeze in some exercise!

    I am fairly new to PB (about 2 weeks in and 9 lbs gone!) and have been trying to find a way to work in my walking frequently and especially lifting heavy things. I work all day (desk job, UGH) and then watch my 2 grandchildren (ages 5 and 1) after work until around 9PM.

    So yesterday I had an epiphany (sp?)! We have a park about 1/4 mile from our home. So we walked to the park and to lift heavy things, I carried by 1 yr-old grandson (who is a chunk) all the way there and back home again! I moved him around from one hip to the other, carried him in front of me, and up on my shoulders. He thought this was a fantastic game and it was great for my lifting heavy things.

    Walked 1/4 mile, carrying 25 lbs (approx), played at the park with the kids climbing on the equipment and running and chasing with LOTS of giggles, then walked 1/4 mile back home again carrying and moving my grandson. PLUS, to get to my house, we have to climb a hill that is approximately a 40 degree angle and about 2 blocks long! The 5 yr old RAN up the hill but grandma isn't quite fit enough for that yet. LOL

    Fun and workout in one?? YES please! Then we had fresh water, eggs, sausage, zucchni and egg plant for dinner.

    I am going to miss this when the snow flies and we can't be outside as much, but I am thinking taking them sledding and playing in the snow will be just a good!

    I just thought I would share for any moms or grandmas strugging to find time to get some frequent walking, playing, and/or lifting heavy things. You just have to be creative!

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    Sounds like a great workout, Kim!
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