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Training after 3 week holiday

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  • Training after 3 week holiday

    So before I went away my strength was the best it's ever been.
    however went on holiday for 21/2 weeks , my diet was dialled in, I done some walking , pull ups , press ups & some resistant band curls etc.

    Now, want to start up strength training again.
    Is there a best way to start again, obviously my CNS had a long break and will take time to get back to the stress of weight etc

    Do I just start again and forget about previous stats I had .

    From London England UK

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    i train once a month, therefore i always have a 4 week break between sessions. doesn't matter.


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      Wednesday just gone was my return to lifting heavy shit after 3 weeks holibobs, where I did hotel gym stuff- pullups, pressups and dumbell complexes. I've been doing Starting Strength for about 6 weeks prior. I dialled down my lifting as follows;
      Squat 90kgs down from 107.5
      Overhead Press 52.5 kgs down from 57.5
      Deadlift 130kgs down from 155

      Well, today is the first day since I've been able to sit on the toilet without feeling the need to hold onto disabled handles, and I'm like a ninety year old bending over!!! Chest and shoulders are mint, however. My advice, drop the weights down a good bit, or be prepared to crap standing up


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        you should not be losing strength over 3 measly weeks.


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          I done squats other day:
          Front was hitting 90kg for 5 100kg for 3

          Could only do 80x5 , 90x3

          Will see how it goes Thursday next legs.
          But my bench & push press dropped 10kg each

          From London England UK


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            oh dear. i put 10kg on to my lifts with 4 weeks rest not take 10kg off!