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  • Resting Heart Rate Dropping

    I've not really started any serious exercise program yet, upped my walking a little and keeping busy. But in the last 3 weeks since I started tracking my heart with Heartmath software, my resting heartrate has dropped by about 10 beats per minute to the low mid 60s.

    I'm not sure if that's just that I'm getting better at the breathing/meditation method (you use it as biofeedback to check your relaxation, observing your heart rate variability) but even with my heart coherence score being fairly low on some days (watching tv!) the heartrate itself has dropped. Even if I ignore the first one which was a bit high (stressed with family visiting) there's a downward trend.

    Is this due to lower insulin/blood sugar or/and reduced caffiene intake do you think?

    Should I check my heart rate at particular times of day to observe patterns more accurately?

    Edit to add - I've been doing primal for about 3 weeks, with some carb reduction before that.

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    reducing caffeine could be a huge part of it. But i would continue to monitor it, and make sure you are keeping your calories up high enough, my sister recently had a hospital stay because of a low resting heart rate from weight cutting and calorie reduction dieting in wrestling, and her body began to eat its own cardiac muscles it seems.

    i wouldn't freak out though, hers was much lower, down below 45 bpm. also, they measured her heart rate standing after 5 minutes sitting. i don't say this to scare anyone, its just something that came to mind instantly, always be careful when modifying your diet


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      thanks Whopper. I'll keep an eye on it. I'm about due to go to the quack for a checkup too.


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        "eat its own cardiac muscles" ... that sounds a bit odd to me. An atrophy of the heart would make it weaker, and thereby cause it to beat faster, not slower. In any case, I doubt that calorie reduction could have this effect without any additional factors (like medication, substance abuse etc).

        @Helen: You can try measuring it at the same time each day (ideally in the morning before getting up) and then average the result of several days.
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