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Better Fitness without Hard Training!!!

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  • Better Fitness without Hard Training!!!

    I started PB beginning of Feb because I was so tired all the time. I am a 53 yo woman, heading into 'the change", and starting to lose all energy to workout. I used to mix it up with weight training, bike riding, and running. I had participated in 3 triathlons in previous years, most recently in 2008. But in the past year I just completely ran out of steam and let it all go. I am a RN working 12 hour shifts - on my feet most of that time - and was starting to feel like I was going to have to quit my job as well.

    The first month of PB, all I did was walk 2-3 miles a day. I rested as much as I felt I needed. By month two felt enough better to start adding in a weight workout once a week. As my energy allowed, I started sprinting up hills whenever I came to one on my walks (this was pretty intermittent). The past few weeks, I added an additional weight workout. I haven't done any running or biking beyond riding a mile to the grocery store. This doesn't feel like any kind of tough training regimen AT ALL. My energy level at work has gone back up so that I am maintaining my focus and energy throughout the day.

    The biggest, most pleasant surprise to me came yesterday when I took my bike out for a spin. My partner and I had signed up for a 40 mile organized ride that is next weekend (May 8). I thought I had better log some time in the saddle,fearing I might not be able to do the 40 miles since I am so "out of shape". We live on top of a hill - a 500 ft climb to get home at the end of any ride. At the beginning of the season, I have always struggled to get up that hill and I have measured my improvement in fitness by the increasing ease of getting up the hill. Well, yesterday, after a winter of virtually NO bicycling and NO other "cardio" training, I just climbed up that hill in a higher gear and with less difficulty than EVER, EVER, EVER before!!!!!! I actually enjoyed myself. I also did not get hungry for several hours after my ride, did not have any carbo cravings.

    Mark is right - if you follow the PB training recommendations, you will be fit enough to go out and bike up a hill or run a race or hike up a mountain, or participate in probably any number of activities with more ease than you think possible. I am getting OLD - definitely not a spring chicken - and after just 3 months of PB living, my fitness is better than it was when i was younger doing conventional cardio. How freeing to know one can just go out and do things without having to "get in shape" for them!

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    Yeah, great for you Barb! But get that "I am getting old" thought OUTTA your mind. Healthy 53 is NOT old.
    Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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      What a wonderful feeling, Barb! And so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


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        This belongs in the success story section of the forum. Congrats!
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          Thanks Willow! Hey, does anybody else have any experiences like this they would like to share?