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arthritis(ac-joint)bicepts tendinitis and lifting

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  • arthritis(ac-joint)bicepts tendinitis and lifting

    A bit of my stats. Im 5'10" and 165. im extremely active and hate sitting down. i want to go go go all the time. i would consider myself pretty fit compared to most but that isnt always my goal. I want to lift heavy again.
    for 3 months last year my left should was acting up. I kept lifting and my pain tolerance is HIGH!!!! so i let it get to the point where i couldnt put my arm in the window of my truck without it going numb within 15-30 seconds. So i finally made an appointment. Found out i have arthritis in my AC Joint. Bad bicepts tendinitis. so i went through therapy with a technique called Graston Technique(LOOK IT UP....ITS AMAZING) that made me feel about 90 percent compared to where i started. I lifted again for 3 months and the pain came back.
    At that point i decided to leave the gym for a 90 day period(in the 90 days i lost 15 lbs from eating scared and not wanting to get fat). after the 3rd week, my right shoulder started feeling the same way as my left. i let it go another couple week before deciding to go back to PT to have it looked at. There, I found out that somehow i have plenty of strength and muscle everywhere but no mid back(lower trap). This is what you should be engaging when lifting overhead but instead my shoulders were taking the brunt of the weight. .so here i stand after my second bout of physical therapy(this time on both shoulders) and im day 2 back at the gym. No matter what i do, i feel it unless im lifting 5 lbs or only using bands like in PT.
    I know i have the proper technique down but between bicepts tendinitis, arthritis and the muscle impingement that is causing me to not be able to do any heavy forward or lateral raising of much weight, i am struggling to figure out working out again. I am extremely strict with my form. im in really good shape and can lift a decent bit but not progressing is going to make me FRIGGIN NUTS!

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    I know and utilize graston... so I like the route your care took up until you went back to lifting.

    Start with removing the joint and soft tissue restrictions is a good idea. But there needed to be some follow through. Particularly making sure your lifting program contained the appropriate push/pull work and ratio to align your shoulder and balance the muscles. Stage ONE (remove restrictions) will allow you to "activate" whichever muscles need activated for the lift. You are neurologically capable of accessing and using those muscles as soon as the adhesions in the joint and soft tissue where addressed..... the problem is in the programming IMO.

    So what is your lifting program right now?


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      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
      the problem is in the programming IMO.
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        yea... i have been getting the graston for 5 weeks now and have done a lot of scap mobilization exercise during PT. what do you mean you like everything to until i went back to lifting? you dont think i should be doing weight bearing exercise? i hope thats not what you mean! gotta rebuild that muscle somehow haha
        he released a lot of the "frozen feeling and pinching" with graston in the serratus anterior and scalene.
        my lifting program isnt any written program. waaaaay back i used to just repeat the same routine and i got sick of it... so i started just going in knowing what i was working and made up the routine. it still ends up being fairly scheduled and similar but i like to be able to mix it up and not think about it.
        I would say that i split check and back(no bench)
        used to do Bi and tri(cant even begin to lift weights for this anymore)
        then i would hit lower back with legs(aka deadlifts etc)
        I also do a lot of speed work like box jumps, farmer walks with 45 plates in each hand climbing gym stairs.burpees, muscle ups,
        my workouts are never all about rest. i am fast paced and like to push it.
        Right before i quit going i was doing front squats a lot(usually 5 sets working my way to 215) a couple times a week which for me is my favorite lift and for a 160 ish lb guy was pretty decent i felt.


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          No...I like that you went back to lifting, I just don't like that the practitioner didn't guide you into a strength program. So without even knowing or evaluating you myself a random sort of rule for dealing with shoulder and thoracic issues is to make sure your doing a proper proportion of horizontal and vertical pull type exercises to your push exercises. Once you have removed the adhesions "mobility work" is just .... meh, whatever IMO. Its ok, but the real one/two punch is remove those constrictions and strengthen the musculature. The strengthen portion may need a bit more guidance on exercise selection is all I meant.

          And God bless you for surviving graston on serratus anterior. I know that felt ..... nice
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