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How can I improve Leg Flexibility?

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  • How can I improve Leg Flexibility?

    Hi. I do diving, and the one thing I massively struggle with is putting my fins on in the water! I have well developed hamstrings and quads, but they arent very flexible, and I struggle to bend my leg enough to raise my foot in range of my hands to put the fin on.

    Often I have to use a second hand to literally pull my leg high enough for the other hand to reach. Usually at this point, I end up flat on my face - which isn't too bad a thing since I have my regulator in at this point, but it wastes air and gets me flustered at the beginning of the dive. (Shore dives). At the end of a dive, I wrestle to take them off again, and have at times had cramp... which is really bad when loaded with all the dive gear.

    Anyone have any tips for exercises that will loosen my leg muscles and make them more stretchy? I mainly swim, and do some kettlebell weights work.

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    Sounds like weak hip flexors to me rather than a flexibility issue.
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      It sounds like you desperately need some yoga, my friend.

      When I first started in 2004, I couldn't touch my toes. Within a few months, I noticed marked improvements in flexibility (not to mention insane boosts in patience and overall stress management).

      I can now put my palms flat on the ground with my finger tips in line with my toes and a flat back.

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