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Normal to need another rest day between lifting days?

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  • Normal to need another rest day between lifting days?

    I'm beginning my forth year of regular lifting. I feel great the evening after lifting and wake up stiff and sore. I had been lifting 3x per week taking an extra day off over the weekends but lately if I keep that schedule I hit failure in sets, have to de-load on weight and work my way back up only to fail with the schedule again. I'm able to stay at the high end of my lifting ability at 2x per week and am slowly able to keep progressing to heavier weight with the additional rest between lift days.

    My lifts are:

    Day 1: bench press 3x5, standing overhead press 3x5, back squats, 3x5, power cleans, 3x5

    Day 2: dead lifts, 1x5, bent over rows, 3x5, forward lunges, 3x10, power cleans, 3x5

    Day 3: standing overhead press, 3x5, back squats 3x5, calf raises, 3x10, power cleans, 3x5

    I'm 5'9" , 180lbs and 51 years old. I'm lifting to gain strength and bone density as I'm osteopenia in my low back and hips.

    My current weights are: bench press, 195lbs, 3x5, standing overhead press, 115lbs 3x5, back squats, 200lbs, 3x 5
    Dead lifts, 305lbs, 1x5, power cleans, 125lbs, 3x5, forward lunges, 245lbs, 3x10, calf raises, 365lbs, 3x10

    Is it normal with progression to need extra rest days or should I push through and de-load?

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    Dang, you're pretty strong for your age. From when I spent more time on the Starting Strength forum, I noticed that a lot of the older guys were able to get strong, but that they couldn't train as much as the younger guys could. As you age, recovery from lifting gets harder. I would suggest that you either lift two days per week or keep lifting three days per week, but make the middle day very light.
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      I'm a few years older -- but about the same height, weight and similar lifting ability. I've settled on a two day a week workout routine. I really do need 3 days to recover. My routine is slightly different from yours though...

      Here is an extract from my workout spreadsheet. Either day takes about an hour if I go non-stop. I've made it in an hour a few times, but generally require 70-75 minutes each day. I have a kinda weird routine where I do vanity exercises (core, chest, lats, arms) both days and then focus on legs, gluts and back for workout A and chest, triceps and shoulders for workout B. I usually do A on Mondays and B on Thursdays.

      I also do about 50 minutes or bicycle commuting during the week and another 50-100 miles of long hilly rides on the weekends. Lately, I've been doing partial workouts as I give a rest to one of my shoulder joints.

      A B Exercise Time (min)

      Warm-up and Core

      Y - Sprinting 10
      Y Y Hanging and shoulder stretching 3
      Y Y Myotatic Crunch with Bosu Ball (10) 2
      Y Y Plank circuit (side-2x2 min/high side-2x1) 6
      Y Y Back bridge/Glute Activation (2x1) 2
      Y Y Renegade rows (10/10) 1
      Y Y Bicycle Crunches on Bosu ball 10/10 1
      - Y Kettlebell swing 2x25 3
      Y - Cable chop 2x10/10 3
      Y - Cable transverse lift 2x10/10 3

      Y Y Cable pull-downs (half alternating) 2x10 3
      Y Y Cable seated rows (half alternating) 2x10 3
      Y - Squat warm-up 1x10 1
      Y - Half leg presses with plate machine 1x10 3
      Y - Full leg presses with plate machine 1xBBS 5
      Y - Trap bar dead lift with shrug 2x10 5
      Y - Glute step-ups with dumbbells 3
      Y - Hamstring extensions with machine 2x10 3

      Y Y Warm-up push-ups 1x10 1
      Y Y Dumbell chest inclines - 10x10 8
      - Y Dumbell flat chest flys 2x10 3
      - Y Cable chest flys upward 2x10 2
      - Y Cable chest flys downward 2x10 2
      Y Y Cable tricep extensions 2x10 3

      - Y Dumbbell alternating overhead press 5x10 4
      - Y Dumbell shoulder lateral raises 2x10 2
      - Y Dumbell shoulder front raises 2x10 2
      - Y Dumbell shoulder bent lateral raises 2x10 2


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        2x a week for older folks works better for many of us. Also works well when what you can lift is pretty heavy. The 5/3/1 basic template is 4x a week but it's only one lift each of those days, so you end up only squatting once a week. Seems most of the other variations are still only 1x a week for any particular lift. This might also be easier for you to recover from.
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