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Fasting workout, should I eat (and what?) after?

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  • Fasting workout, should I eat (and what?) after?


    I'm doing a fasting workout this morning (pushups, planks, Triceps dips, squats, and HIIT sprints).

    Should I eat after, and if so, what? I'm guessing after that, my IF plan to go till 1 pm might get derailed...

    Thank you!

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    Here's how I game fasted training and fueling:

    if I am
    - attempting to lose fat
    - have no "recovery" concerns (am not overly fatigued, tired or sore the days after exercising)

    It's okay to not eat for a few afters after exercising; and even preferable in regards to the hormonal response

    however if you are doing pure lifting or strength work you will want to eat afterward; immediately and a lot if your goal is to become stronger and add muscle mass

    If performance is a concern - how fast you can sprint, how much weight you can lift, you probably should not be fasted, not be exercising in the early morning. (personally my performance is waaay better in the afternoon). But fasted morning training is magic for body composition, hormonal response.

    I think canned sardines in olive oil (available from Amazon) are the worlds best post work out food - it's a superfood conveniently packaged, portable and packed with omega 3s which are great for rebuilding. Also the macros are entirely protein and fat which is a Prime's fuel of choice. They taste delicious and are very satisfying while maintaining portion control of just under 300 calories.

    Also raw egg yolks are a super food, easy, fast and tasy (it's the raw egg whites that are gross and slimy) - I don't think there's a combination of two foods that surpasses the nutrional density of egg yolks and sardines (liver + ?)... though I will say it is definitely an acquired taste. Us FastCats swear by them though.
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      But fasted morning training is magic for body composition, hormonal response.
      Perfect! Thank you. :-)


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        I'm actually of the mind that it does not matter one bit.

        Eat after if your hungry. If not, wait till you are.

        You will not lose all your muscle from not getting in an immediate meal, and on the flip side your not going to gain considerably more lean mass by doing so.

        Thats my story and I'm sticking to it