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A Question About "Flat" Muscles And Hypertrophy

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  • A Question About "Flat" Muscles And Hypertrophy

    Hi all

    I've been wondering something. I notice that when I eat primal my bicep muscles and chest seem flatter. I don't look as muscley. From what I understand this can be because of glycogen depletion in the muscles due to low carbs.

    So here's my questions...

    1. Would creatine make the muscles look fuller on low carb? I know creatine fills the muscles with water so was wondering if this would solve the problem whilst helping me lift more at workouts.

    2. A bodybuilder type routine is different to that of starting strength/stronglists type heavy barbell routine. It builds a different type of muscle. The bodybuilder gets the "pumped" look, the heavy lifter doesn't get as pumped but does build more long lasting strength that is harder to lose. Can you still get big arms doing heavy barbells, or is it easier to get big arms from the bodybuilding type isolotation exercises.

    The reason I'm asking is because I really do love primal. But at the same time I'm a young dude with an ego and want to look muscular too. Each time I try to eat primal I notice my arms and chest look "flatter" and it harms my fragile male ego a bit I know this is about being healthy, but at the same time I want to look solid too. Any help and advice from more experienced lifters would be much appreciated!

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    For bodybuilding, you needn't do isolation.

    Try this:
    Monday: Lift heavy, brief sets, full body. (deadlift, 80% max, 5x5; squats, 80% max, 5x5; 1 or 2 isolation exercises in between, keep these mixed up)
    Tuesday: Lift 25-50% of heavy lifts. Long sets, full body. (your heavy lifts, but at 20-40% max, 3x10-15; deathmarches; no isolation)
    Wednesday: Rest and flexibility.
    Thursday: Lift heavy, brief sets, full body.
    Friday: Lift 25-50% of heavy lifts. Long sets, full body.
    Saturday: Rest and flexibility.
    Sunday: Very brief cardio session. (10min sprint session, with 30-120 second sprints, break in between)

    Heavy lifts increase strength. High-rep ranges promote hypertrophy. Rest days are for growing muscle. Some weeks you may need to skip a hypertrophy day or a cardio day for extra rest, so don't try and stick too rigidly. Eat as much as you need, sleep as much as you can and, if necessary, do some cutting later.
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