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right to left muscle imbalance and pull-up form

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  • right to left muscle imbalance and pull-up form

    when doing chin-ups and pullups i visibly notice (i was facing a mirror) that the right side of my body reaches the bar first. Likewise my body isnt parralel with the bar, it twists so my right side slightly points towards the mirror. So when i finish the sets i feel my right side more activated and worked

    The same with face pulls, after, my right back side was way more worked then the left forcing me to virtually pull only with the left.
    I was then also doing DB rows 1 side each and despite thinking i was using tbe same form on both sides my right trap felt worked aswell as the rombouds and rear delts. Which didnt happen on.the left.

    Is this a matter of me simply focusing more on the mind muscle connection, activating the left side or something more?

    Its worth noting my right shoulder seems to slouch forward more then tbe left and seems to be less stable.

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    Yes. Slower rep with focus on symmetry and form. Your compensating for something during the pull. Old injury, poor neuromuscle activation, bad posture...... can't tell from an online post. Forcing proper form might fix the issue, or you may have to break it down and do some rehab work. I'd start with the form... slow the rep down, do less if you have to and build back up. Make sure that your doing pull work with your shoulders set in the joint before you begin the pull. That is they should be retracted back AND down towards your butt before you ever start to load the muscles for the pull.

    Unless your kipping, then all this just goes out the window and your destroying your shoulders don't do that!
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      I have similar problems. My right side often gets more work than the left. I think it's cuz my right side is so much stronger and more coordinated. This is especially obvious when I do pushups on a box. My body would slant towards the right, and I'd touch the box with my right side first. And I'd feel like my right arm is supporting my entire body. Not sure what the left arm is doing.

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        I spent some time on crutches in my teens and my body seems to have decided never to forgive me. Yoga really helps me get that body awareness of what aligned is so I can keep it for the rest of the day.

        And it's finals weeks and I haven't done yoga in a while, so my back is a wee bit angry at me right now...
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