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Sled Dragging, Sprinting, Tire Flipping, Oh My...

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  • Sled Dragging, Sprinting, Tire Flipping, Oh My...

    I'm about to head to the park to get my workout on and I'm feeling anxious about it. I haven't done strenuous cardio work in a long time. Hell, carrying the stuff down to my car had me huffing and puffing! My lack of fitness mixed with training in public, in front of strangers, is keeping me on the couch right now. I have 2 buddies that are supposed to start doing this with me but you know how that goes...if you wait for other people you'll never go yourself.

    Blaf! What a stupid thing to be nervous about!
    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    You can do it, Jokaman. The most important skill I've learned for outdoor exercise is to stop caring what other people think. 99% of the time, they're way too wrapped up in their own affairs to care about yours. And the other 1% you'll either inspire, or they're not worth worrying about.

    Enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, they make working out much more fun. Just enjoy the day and creating your own space; no need to kill yourself on the first day. If all you do is lug your stuff back and forth from the car, that's a good workout in itself.

    Have fun, but don't wait too long, the sun is setting!


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      That's the idea, I'm a pasty mother f'er and I'm from the North so even Spring in Las Vegas is too hot for me, let alone Summer.

      I strapped a 150 pound sandbag to my sled and dragged it 40', then I hoisted the sandbag up to my shoulder and trotted with it back to the starting point, and then I'd re-load the sled with the sandbag. I did this 4x.I followed that by strapping a handle to the sled, with the sandbag in place, and walking backwards about 50 yards, 5x. And finally, I attached the rope to some webbing slung across my shoulders and towed the sled behind me for 50 yards, 5x. The last leg was about 100 yards because I just dragged it all the way back to my car.

      It took me a solid...2 minutes to get the full sandbag into the backseat of my car when all was said and done.

      Not a bad workout!
      I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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        You get used to the looks, most regular people have never seen a kettlebell, etc. Nice thing is train same place and time, you'll see the same people, they'll see the 'madman' become something else over the coming months!
        Give them nothing! But, take from them everything!


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          That work-out sounds terrific. Its nice being able to go functional exercises and the fitness gained is able to be utilized for day to day activities and play. Enjoy it.
          It is sad that the measuring stick of our progress is the speed by which we distance ourselves from the natural world. Even sadder is that we will only see this when there is no nature left to save.


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            Excellent work, Jokaman. Hopefully you're feeling it just a little today, but not too much. Milton's right, functional, full-body exercises are totally the way to go for both fitness and entertainment. Keep it up and you will be drawing looks of envy!