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My exercise routine, is it ok?

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  • My exercise routine, is it ok?

    I've developed the following routine I do 3 times a week.
    3 sets of 25 pushups, 12 armcurls with 25 lbs. (~12 kg) weight, 40 lunges, and ~30 reps on the Ab Lounger.

    I've never liked doing sit ups, and this Ab Lounger I bought at a yard sale is actually fun. I feel my routine now involves all the major muscle groups, and I really enjoy the routine.

    But is it enough? I could lose ~25 lbs. I feel a heck of a lot better with this exercise routine and eating right already, I feel I'm on the right path.

    Also, yesterday I spent about 2-1/2 hours shoveling dirt around my shed. I was sweating up a storm and my pulse rate was definitely elevated. I'm considering that exercise, as far as I'm concerned, but wondering, since it didn't target specific areas like the lunges & pushups, etc. do, is that really good for me?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Push-ups make both the Ab Lounger and Armcurls a way to pass time. I would suggest that you do dips and squats instead. Add burpies and a selection of any other jumps in between each set of strengths if you want to stimulate weight loss.

    Shoveling is a great functional exercise. You get the best results from moving your entire body with big motions (compound moves). Isolation moves are great for pumping up that one particular muscle for a body show.

    And, don't forget to go out and play or walk pretty much daily.

    Good luck!
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      Yes, you are doing right thing but try to play once or twice a week and include yoga in your routine in addition swimming is also good exercise.


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        [QUOTE=SamT;1265009]I've developed the following routine I do 3 times a week.
        3 sets of 25 pushups, 12 armcurls with 25 lbs. (~12 kg) weight, 40 lunges, and ~30 reps on the Ab Lounger.QUOTE]

        I'd make the following changes:

        -Drop the arm curls and ab lounger.
        -Add pull ups/chin ups (you can get a door frame pull up bar for <$20, or you can get a really nice pull up station for ~$100).
        -If you get a pull up station, get one with a dip station as well, and do dips.
        -Don't set a limit on the number of reps per set, just go until failure or close to it. You get stronger from improving each time, so if you always stop at 25, you won't get much stronger.
        -Once you find yourself doing over 35 reps per set, double check your form. If your form is good, look for ways to make it harder (such as putting your feet up on a chair during push ups, holding weight as you do your lunges, or buying a weight vest).
        -Consider alternating lunges with squats.
        -If you still feel like you need to do something for your abs, just plank for a couple minutes.

        Starting your program is certainly a step in the right direction, and it's more important you just do something for a month or two that's manageable for you while you get into the habit and gain confidence with your workout. If what you're doing has you feeling better, I might just stick with that for a few more weeks, and then start making small improvements. If all you end up with is push ups, pull ups and bodyweight squats, I think you'd be on the right track.

        Good luck!


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          Thanks for the replies. We bought a 24 foot circular pool in June and been getting a lot of use out of it. Not too good for laps but there are some exercises I do, basically treading water at a fast pace, without letting my feet touch the ground. A couple minutes of that and my heart rate is definitely up.

          I've done yoga in the past, thanks for reminding me, I should get into it again.

          Reps - that's just what I'm up to now, but yeah the Ab Lounger reps are high. My form is ok, had my wife check it. I do them slow too. I'll try adding some thicker cords to increase the tension.

          Ah, burpees. Haven't done them in a while. I'll do them tonight. Thanks for the reminder.

          Not a big pull up person, my shoulder is a little whacked, but I'll check it out. I think I do have a door frame pull up bar somewhere, just never used it.