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Workouts for my 14 year little sister?

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  • Workouts for my 14 year little sister?

    What work is should I start my 14 year old little sister on? Shes never worked out before and shes not available to a gym yet. What would you recommend?

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    I have a 14yo daughter. I think body weight exercises are plenty for a beginner. Is she interested? Maybe start really small, like minuscule. Just one plank off every day. Once she can hold it for a minute, maybe move to a push up challenge. My DD was very interested in heavy lifting, but she hated the gym. All those half dressed grown men were so distressing, that she only lasted about 2 months. Make sure you know what you're doing before you spend the money.

    Is there any way you could take some kind of self-defense training with her? That would be very useful excercise for a teenage girl. Tell her you want her to get to the point she could kick your ass, lol.
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      PLAY. She's too young to need structured gym-style exercise. How about gymnastics? Soccer? Rock/Wall Climbing?


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        I second gymnastics.


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          Some good basic stuff to build good habits. Gymnastics, or soccer, etc. A structured sport she enjoys will encourage her to stick with it. Teens generally are horrible at sticking with a gym routine.
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            right,Teens generally are horrible at sticking with a gym routine. thanks