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    Originally posted by camay001 View Post
    Hi all,

    Thank you in advance for any advice...

    For about 8 years I was extremely active both as a college athlete, then as a Crossfitter and then as a powerlifter, runner, etc. Recently, however, I quit my job and started med school.

    I thought I could keep up a steady routine but I'm swamped and haven't been lifting more than once a week (maybe) for a the past month. I do, however, bike to and from school since it's a nice hilly route and, let's be honest, saves on gas and is quicker than trying to fight traffic in the car. My ride is about 40 minutes each way and I ride with a backpack full of books, lunch, and change of clothes...maybe 20 pounds? So that's 80 minutes a day plus any riding I do on the weekends to run errands (I live in a major city).

    My question is, is this enough? I can tell I'm losing muscle already but then again, I was deadlifting about 250 and squatting 190 and I'm realizing that kind of regimentation just isn't realistic right now.

    Is there anything else I should be doing or is the biking daily enough? Like maybe a quick at-home BW workout or something?

    I think it's plenty! Get all the other activity on the side if you want to; I'm talking fun stuff that you enjoy such as walking, swimming, playing, etc..

    Aside from that, especially if you don't have much time, just do 1-2 hard workout per week in order to keep your strength. 2 is actually plenty for strength athletes, and 1 still works descent for your average Joe or Jane.

    The only thing I do have to say is don't ever let your workouts get in the way of your grades at school. I think all the cycling you do and everything else, should help keep your mind healthy, thinking good, and happy. But where you can bump into trouble is overdoing it with the intensity.

    Just for example, when I was in college I was still lifting heavy 3 times per week, intensely and deadlifting over 400 for reps. And that was a mistake because the deadlift workout would leave me drained for 3 days, which would require me extra sleep to recover and left me with less energy to study. That's no good.

    If I had it to do all over, back in my college days, I would have done more moderate workouts to keep my mind in shape, and only 1-2 hard workouts per week. I would have done only 1 top set on my heavy lifts. And I would have held back a little and trained hard, but not HARD.

    So, I think what you are doing is plenty. Like I said, just don't overdo it on the intense stuff, just 1-2 hard sessions per week, but not too hard. And play all you want, if you have the time.