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Advice for letting go of chronic cardio

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    2 activities that get me outdoors daily, that provide the rhythmic breathing and movement that kick start production of the endocanibinoids that I've got the Jones for yet don't drive my heart rate into chronic cardio danger zone are:

    1) HeavyHands walking: i.e., pumping, swinging, dancing, skipping, lunging and plain walking etc., w/ dumbbells of varying weights. The custom handles from the big hair 80s are best IMO & IME, but can probably only be found in garage sales or time capsules at this point, so make do with regular dumbells.

    2) Exerstrider poles (i.e., nordic walking.) Even though there are numerous brands, IMO & IME, Exerstriders are best. (When you have your rhythm it feels, to me, like swimming the crawl, even though you are obviously on dry land. ) With and without my weight vest are other options.

    I try to do either #1 or #2 above alternated w/ 1-3 relaxing jogs per week, so I get outdoors 5-7 morning per week. If, for some reason I just don't get outdoors, I either do movement/exercise in a pool or watch some TV while using my C2 rowing ergometer.

    Hope these ideas help you formulate an approach that works great for you !


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      Most people don't get enough exercise at all, because they sit on their butts. Realize that when Mark wrote about that, he was coming from the perspective of a guy who was competing. Most people don't even come near that, because they really aren't exercising at all. Thus, the idea of the whole "chronic cardio" lecture becomes unnecessary.

      So I just don't think you should feel guilty about that, as long as it isn't hurting you. But for your health, I highly recommend A LOT of walking and other activities. If you really think you're overdoing it and it's hurting your health, cut back on your sessions. And if you still don't feel right because you're addicted to it, just do more walking. I highly doubt you'll ever be able to walk too much.


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        My body is tired, I have adrenal fatigue (flat cortisol curve) & I'm amenorrheic... Id say damage done! Time to chill out and heal.


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          That is eactly what you need right now. Forget about it all and just chill.

          When you're better, look into something like MovNat. You won't realise what you're missing till you do it. I hate X-Fit with a passion now. Some people, especially those who come from thyroid problems, should not be doing this unless the progress is VERY gradual..y'know what they're like 3,2,1 go! It used to be great before they let a bunch of nerds take over and now the wod's are ultra complicated and all about times and PR's. Requires a 160 + iq to remember how many of what you're supposed to be doing. Get back outdoors and have fun - Featured Coach: Erwan Le Corre, Part 1 - The Roots of MovNat | Breaking Muscle


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            Originally posted by Meghanner View Post
            My body is tired, I have adrenal fatigue (flat cortisol curve) & I'm amenorrheic... Id say damage done! Time to chill out and heal.
            Well, that's another story. Overtraining?

            That happened to me before when I was training for competition for powerlifting. Training was HARD. And after I got out of it, it really left a bad taste in my mouth about lifting for a few years. I couldn't train hard after that, not for a couple of years. I just couldn't get my mind into it. And even now, I can still train hard, but I know where my limit is, and I leave it at that.

            I'd say just take it easy for a while. Train with medium intensity and only a few times per week. Try to have fun with your workouts and don't push yourself too hard, at least not until you get better. And on the side, just have fun, walk, play, etc..


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              Thanks! Ya, I've likely been overtrained for well over 5 years... Haven't had a period in 6 and I'm only 33! Time for change and a return to the pleasure of it all! Today I rested... Built a cradle for my rowing shell and spent time being social with my family!


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                If you are running try to incorporate some kind of interval training so that the workout is less cardio.
                For example, run a 400 quckly and then walk a 400 and repeat.
                Back in the day when I was serious runner, I had no desire to do any additional cardio after a mere 8 400m sprints-not even all out sprints, I think I was knocking them out at 1:07 to 1:15 Knock em down to 200m if the 400m isn't your bag.
                Do it and watch you one mile time decrease.