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Im so PIS$3^ with my routine

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  • Im so PIS$3^ with my routine

    So I was doing basically SS, but as I was doing 100-110 kg on deadlift and 85-95 kg on squat in my last few sessions I got back pain and took about 10 days off or so. Only doing 1 session of body weight stuff and lots of planks.

    Today I came back intending to front squat. Well, the first few sets with the bar and light weights were fine. Started getting heavy, got up to 60kg switched to back squat and my form was so awkward and SH!T. I got up to about 80 and my low back started getting slightly sore again. I stopped, incredibly p!ssed off.

    No matter how loose my hamstrings and ankles are I get some minor but wink at parallel. Which, for my back, equals pain. I just go so frustrated. Not only am I weaker, but my form is #(*$U)(*#%&z worse.

    I finished off doing BW rows, some dips and pull-ups and walked outta the gym angry as hell.

    I'm in one of those FU@^ the gym moods, FU#$ working out.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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    What angle are your feet at when you're squatting? How hard are you driving your knees out on the ascent and descent? Post a form video.
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      I'm trying to drive with my hips and glutes. How do I post a form video? Photo bucket? I'm not sure what you mean with the descent part?

      I was thinking on having a pull-push day so I can focus on Squat/Deadlift on different days without being too fatigued.
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