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    Hi everybody! I eat primal since a month and i feel great! i pass from 144 pounds12-13 % bf to
    136 pounds 9-10% bf.
    but now, i would like to lower this again by add some muscle mass on my frame i would like to go up to 140-142 pounds with no additionnal body fat. For this i will use more difficult version of bodyweight movement to stay between 10-20 reps. But i will try to follow the primal pyramid. there is my schedule , and i would like some opinion please

    Monday: BW training: diamond push-up 3-4 sets 10-20 reps, hsp 3-4 sets 10-20, pull-up 3-4 sets 10-20
    body row 3-4 sets 10-20, jump squat 3-4 sets 10-20( when i will reach this i will just try to jump higher)
    bulgarian squat or assisted pistol squat 3-4 sets 10-20.

    Tuesday: fast cardio 30-45 minutes of jogging or stationnary bike hearth raye between 55-75 %

    Wednesday: Same as monday

    Thursday: same as tuesday

    Friday : BW/ sprint: i will just do 2 sets of pull movement and push movement but i will do sprint after each sets

    Saturday: off/ walk

    Sunday: off/ walk

    what do you think about this?

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    If you want to add muscle and drop even more fat (although 9% body fat is very low all ready) then you will need to get in the gym and lift some heavy weights. Body weight exercises are fine for basic conditioning but nothing works better at driving up testosterone and building muscle mass than pumping the iron. Also, eat lots of organ meats, steak, eggs and salmon
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      thank you for your advice but i realy prefer bodyweight because is less dangerous for me..........long story of injury .......


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        All you can do is try it for a couple months and take your measurements. There really is no other way to know if this will work for you or not. Best of luck!


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          If you don't want to do free weights, still you will need to find a way to increase your effort. If what you are listing represents a big increase, then you will put on at least some muscle. But you will have to find a way to continue increasing your effort to continue making gains. Doing more reps at bodyweight exercises increases your endurance, but it won't do much for hypertrophy.


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            In your case, the trick might be diet rather than your routine. Macros seem to make a huge difference in the hard to lose stubborn fat range. You can try low calories (50% of you maintenance) with <50 g carbs on Mon-Thursday, 2x maintenance from starch on Friday through mid-day on Saturday (with waterver your LBM is in lean protein) starting right after your session with normal supper on Saturday and on maintenance day with no particular macros on Sunday.

            Weighted vest can add weight to your body work.
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              the training i do is with calisthenics move i can do for 20 reps and less, i know more than that will just build my endurance.