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Refeed after IF?

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  • Refeed after IF?

    Looking to drop a little extra body fat, I am between 10-12% at 161 pounds, 5'11". Would doing a 16 hour fast (overnight), doing sprints/HIIT, then a high carb (refeed)/high protein meal accelerate fat loss? All other days tend to be <50g carbs. I am looking to do this once a week.

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    Have a look at ripped
    All the information is there for you to use or you can hire him.

    Or leangains or carbback loading .

    My personal experience I done for 4 months 24/7 , it worked but not as much as hoped and my size gains sucked and lifts were increasing.
    I trained AM , fasted anyway and enjoy it so made no difference.



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      Refeed def won't hurt.. When I go low carb under 30 a day I have one massive refeed a week and this keeps me lean and my metab revving.


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        I can't see how that would help at all. In my experience it's all about the numbers. And that's what the studies show as well.

        With exercise vs diet for calorie reduction, studies show the exact same results in terms of fat loss. Those numbers don't lie.

        If you go to modern countries such as the USA, everyone is looking for that magic bullet diet or fat loss workout, but it never works. In such countries, most people think it's so hard to get ripped and some people even think it's nearly impossible to do without drugs or working out all the time.

        But go to a country such as Philippines and you'll see guys ripped to the bone all over the place. Why do you think that is? It's because they can't afford to eat that much. They simply don't have enough money. It's the guys who have the better jobs who've got the bigger guts.

        Eat less and the fat will come off. It really is that simple.


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          @ Ripped

          I think you have a good, if simplified, point to make there....I spent time in Thailand once, and on one trip we went to a Mui Thai training camp for college aged guys. In short, what I saw there forever changed my fitness outlook.

          Pretty much every last one of them was pure muscle, all under 10% BF at most. Their diet was almost entirely rice, fish, chicken, and peppers of various kinds. It was common for them to wake up, skills train, spar, then run 10 miles, then spar again. (These runs consisted of a few stops where they kicked banana trees with their bare feat/shins) All of them did about an 18 hour IF every day, with a torching workout in the middle. There simply was no food preparation until after training was over. If you have some leftovers from the night before you could barter with them, but most had nothing but a 4-5 hour feasting window..and sometimes when you got your ass kicked all day, you didn't eat at all. That meant 36 hours with nothing, with two of those workouts.

          Those were the toughest human beings I have ever met....and I learned one big lesson: Your body can take a lot. It's your mind that makes you ripped up or not so much.

          I.E. Sometimes I deliberately run myself out of groceries, I mean absolutely nothing edible in the home, and do a fast until I have hit a certain goal....sometimes that is seeing 100 patients, doing 5 pre-determined workouts, 2-3 ascents up area mountains, etc. Deprivation is part of being human, to me. It makes you appreciate things.

          But like I have said many times....I AM crazy. Don't do what I do.
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            Agreed with those two comments ^

            However, I'm sure those guys were also malnourished to a point. It's almost as if you have to choose to be in pique health or ripped. You can't always have both, or you would need to go to great lengths to achieve it.