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PB Fitness ebook exercises- no pull up bar?

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  • PB Fitness ebook exercises- no pull up bar?

    Well I am starting these and I am level 1 for everything!
    The only problem is that I don't have a pull up bar. There is one in a nearby park but there is no bench to start with level 1. What do you recommend I do?

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    I used the lowest bar in the park for a while. I could easily touch the ground. At first I jumped a little. Then I went to one foot down. I also went across the monkey bars. Then one day I discovered I could do full pull-ups! If the bar is too high, pulling up as far as you can helps too.


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      I bought a pullup bar to put in the doorway of one of my bedrooms in my house. It's the kind with no installation really. Only cost about $30. Then you can just drag a chair underneath. Can also try something like this... Stamina Rotating Pull Up Handles : Target


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        Mark Lauren's system of "You are Your Own Gym" uses doors themselves for pul-ups. It's fine if the doorway is sturdy, like most any newer door. You put a towel over the top if it is too hard on your hands. It is a little harder than a bar, but not much. You can also do negatives, etcetera. For what Lauren calls "Let Me Ups" or Al Kavadlo calls "Australian Pull Ups," where you are under a lower bar with your legs touching the ground out in front of you, and you pull up that way, you can use a table or something like that. For in overhand grip, your body would be mostly under the table (or whatever), and your head and shoulders sticking out. For an underhand grip, your head would be under the table. You could also do it with a broom on two chairs or something like that. But yeah, I bought a $30 doorway bar as mentioned in this thread. It did mark up the wall over time.


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          Have a look for Al Kavadlo's book Pushing the Limits as one doesn't need any kit at all. I bought it and it's excellent. The beauty of it is that the exercises can be done anywhere, and, they are progressive so as strength increases so does difficulty.
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