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    Any others here that follow the CFE training? After years of doing normal long slow distance training with CrossFit sprinkled in I made the switch this year. So far I'm digging the results I'm seeing.

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    My CF box offers crossfit endurance classes. They offered it once a week for a while but switched to once every other week. They're amazing for improving endurance AND (surprisingly, to me) speed.

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      I have done some of it, but like anything else it depends a lot on your goals....are you aiming to run a fast 10k or look like the Hulk? You will have to pick one, to a point.

      I enjoy Crossfit Football a lot, for the fact that they SEPARATE the strength and conditioning parts of a workout. I have found that to be the one big thing I disagree on with the main site...I am a firm believer that esp for me, lifting max out ollies has magical properties. Doing 200 pushups is great and all, but not as awesome as setting 1RM power cleans.

      I enjoy CF football because it fits what I want, which is to crush people's skulls in rugby I did the endurance stuff to prep for endurance races (Ruck, Tough Mudder), but I tend to slim up a lot when I do that. If you are a hardgainer, doing the work like in CFE will make you lose a little size. It is inevitable. Depends on what you want....
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