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  • Too much or too little?

    I'm trying to figure out my optimal workout schedule and hopefully the experienced folks here can help.

    Mark recommends sprinting and other intense exercises 2x or 3x a week, right? Walking or other slow-moving exercises daily. The thing that puzzles me is there's a lot of CrossFit people on paleo and their workouts seem a lot more often than 2x a week (WODs for example).

    Right now I'm using the YAYOG app and it has pretty tough but fun exercises in the 10 week program. I enjoyed doing them in the morning almost daily but felt worn out after a while. I'm trying to switch to a MWF schedule for the exercises but I tend to forget or stop doing things if its not at a consistent daily time. How do I know I'm exercising enough or if I need more?

    Also I'm a mom and work at home so it's tough staying on top of things! If you're in a similar situation I'd love to hear what works for you!

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    Well actually Marks PBF is 5-7x/week move at slow pace, 2x/week resistance training, and 1x/every 7-10 days sprint.

    Look at exercise with an eye to the "point of diminishing returns". Every extra workout (above 1-2/week) suffers from this phenomenon. Most people will achieve a very high percent (80-90 as a guestimate) of the positive attributes from just 1-2 intense sessions a week. Is that enough for your goals? It is for mine, but some are competing or looking to still eek out that last 10-20% of full potential. The downside of that is you also raise risk of injury when you try to get every last ounce of potential with a higher work load.

    So in the end 2x/week is plenty if your workout is intense enough to reach near your highest genetic potential. If you wanna be elite though, then your not gonna get there with just 2 workouts a week.

    I'm a working Dad, with a working Wife, so we share kid duty. 2 trips to the gym a week are plenty for me.


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      Thank you! It makes sense now. I'll try to walk daily and do 3x week (including sprints).


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        This is my schedule. I have worked up to it. Well, I've worked up to the sprinting. Sprinting takes a lot out of me.

        Monday: Squat, Bench, go for a walk
        Tuesday: Power cleans and pullups (so far I can't do any real pullups), go for a walk
        Wednesday: Go for a walk
        Thursday: Press, deadlift, go for a walk
        Friday: Sprints, go for a walk right after
        Saturday: Be lazy if I'm lucky
        Sunday: Go for a hike
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.