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Are Skechers Shape Up Shoes a Waste of Money?

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    Originally posted by synntropy View Post
    I say give 'em a shot and use them with mindfulness. Explore how they work for you and if they improve your quality of life. Then report back your thoughts and findings.

    CW knocks a primal lifestyle without trying it. We are knocking these shoes without trying them. They don't seem to jive with our ideas but who knows.
    Good point. But I think with education and research you can make an educated purchase. I'd like to see more research. Maybe they can serve as a good transition to VFF for some people.


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      It seems to me that if we were meant to walk on balls - oh, wait, we already have balls on our feet!


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        Originally posted by Kev View Post
        I purchased a pair of MBT shoes last year when I started having issues with plantar fasciitis they didn't help at all and now sit quietly in the back of the closet, the Skechers are based on the same Ideal.
        That's interesting, I got my Skechers (and am not 50-60!) because of plantar fasciitis and having to work on my feet, but high heeled shoes were not allowed. The Sketchers Shape Ups helped tremendously with the heel pain and helping me walk normally again (as my posture and gait were completely distorted due to the pain). I felt a reduction in pain immediately, compared to my Converse All Stars, and within about 4-5 weeks it was completely gone! BTW I have a different job now, seated work, but I walk to my workplace - and having done it for a few days in flat shoes, my PF returned Skechers and heels to the rescue! )


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          I saw these on the telly and thought they lookd ridiculous. I thought they aint no VFF's!


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            I just got a pair of mbts. They slimmed down the design more. My mother had a pair for 2 years and they really help with her plantar facsitis. It also allows her to stand and to walk for much longer periods of time. They are less mushy than the shape ups. You feel like your sinking in them rather than the firmness of the mbt. Takes the pressure of my heels while walking. I can't see VFF's being that good for walks and at job.
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              Let's see... in ballet we wore soft slippers most of the time. My feet were wickedly strong. I could stand on my toes without the support of toe shoes (not for any length of time, mind you). So, I'm all for working your WHOLE foot through it's entire range of motion.

              It was going barefoot around my house for about 2 years (after my babies) that I developed an extreme case of PF. Which tends to be a common problem among new moms... barefoot, no longer PG... LOL!

              It was changing to my Birkenstocks at all times that got rid of the PF

              I have hardwood floors. I can not tolerate the pain associated with barefoot walking... I wear my Fit Flops... which I would say are just comfy, and would not say that I get any sort of leg workout AT ALL... perhaps if my legs were in worse shape???

              I have several nurse friends that wear the MBTs and they love them. I certainly wouldn't judge. They are walking on hard surfaces all day for often up to 10 hours. WAY different than walking around in dirt, which is softer, even if packed.

              Years ago, I trained to walk a marathon. For 2 months I trained on trails (and running shoes.) Based on trail times, I should have finished in about 5.5 hours... HOWEVER, when I switched (I know... idiot training situation... serious lack of understanding), to the CEMENT for the race, I was in major pain within an 2 hours... and finished in 8 miserable hours.

              Probably important to realize that Grok didn't walk much on cement or tile and such... and if he did, I'd wager he'd need a bit of a shock absorber.

              Well, with all that babbling... I'd say, I doubt these shoes give you much of a workout. They do kind of make you walk through your whole foot, but seemingly a bit constricted... So, Maybe a tiny workout is had, and a bit of ham/calf stretch. Which for some people would be better than nothing... But my personal experience is that this type of shoe is weirdly comfy!
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                They make you use your calfs more and force you in a more upright posture. I didn't get them for exercise though. More for long distance walks on boardwalks and city streets. I also hope I can correct how my feet angle outwards when I walk, and I strike the medial side of the foot with more force. When you walk in normal shoes afterwards, it feels like your foot sticks to the ground. That's when you notice your calfs are sore. I will post an update in several months when I get used to wearing them for long periods of time.
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                    Originally posted by Suki View Post
                    A fool and his money are soon parted...
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