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Too Much Yoga And Chin Ups? But I love working out!

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  • Too Much Yoga And Chin Ups? But I love working out!

    Hi all

    In recent months I've found two workouts that I love. Yoga and chin ups (with dips and leg raises).
    I've tried different types of Yoga and found a really, really good DVD by a guy called Bob Harper. It's an hour long and fairly intense, similiar to the P90X Yoga from what I hear.

    Now my question is - if I did one day of Yoga, next day chin up workout, then one day of Yoga, next day chin up workout etc with one day off a week is this too much? I know Mark says in the book you only really need to work out 3 times a week, but I love working out and find that when I don't work out my energy levels drop. So what do we think? Too much, or keep going and just eat more sweet potatoes to make up for the workouts?

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    The body is great at adapting to stress. If you want to workout six times per week, it might take a bit of an adjustment period, but it's certainly a possibility.

    I would include at least one rest day, however. If you feel like you are being overrun, then cut down a bit. But I don't see a problem with what you're planning on doing seeing as yoga isn't particularly stressful on the nervous system in comparison to heavy weight lifting.
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      Yeah, no big deal; you're not overloading your body with progressively heavier weights like with barbell training. My body can handle an amazing amount of workout volume, but overall I'm much happier just lifting hard 3 days a week and then filling in the rest with fun stuff.


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        sounds fine.

        bob harper's alignment stinks though. i'd love to get my hands on him and show him how to align properly! :P ah well.