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  • Bad knees!

    Has anyone successfully overcome knee problems/injuries through exercise? I used to run a fair bit, for a few years, never more than a half-marathon and even when training for those I never ran as much as some people do. I started getting knee pain and saw a physio eventually, it was a problem with the muscle not tracking in line over my kneecap or something? Anyway, I was prescribed exercises and given ultrasound.

    I then developed ITBS, which I treated with stretches and foam rolling, and it was on and off for a while.

    Now I don't run as much. I do other stuff - lots of walking and bodyweight things mainly. I can't seem to run or do any 'real' exercise without knee pain coming back eventually. I'm 30 and I stretch lots, have done plenty of hip and quad strengthening exercises, and almost refuse to believe I'm doomed forever to have my knees stop me from doing what I love. I just don't understand how I would be built with this 'weakness' and stubbornly believe I must be able to fix it!

    I currently have pain around the sides of my kneecap, and a dull ache in the bottom of my hamstring which makes me feel a bit nauseous sometimes.
    Just getting frustrated with being stuck in the same trap now!!

    Has anyone managed to successfully strengthen their knees/surrounding area to prevent injury? Or could it be imbalances elsewhere - hips, ankles, quads?


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    I have been having problems with knees and ankles, and whilst at the bootcamp I attend last night, It came to my attention, that my trainers had worn on one side and that I have been over pronating! which can lead to problems with ankles and knees!

    Just something to consider! Hopefully with my new trainers I have just bought alongside a pair of orthotic insoles or maybe even using my vibram five fingers this problem will be resolved!


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      If you had full-blown ITBS, you probably need an Active Release practitioner to make your life hell for about 90 seconds and you'll be pretty much fixed immediately.

      Getting strong by progressive overload of full-ROM barbell back squats will probably help your knees.
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        Heavy squats might work wonders.

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          Thanks for your advice folks, I will add more weighted squats into my routine.


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            Before you start doing them, you must definitely learn the proper form: how to squat with a proper squat technique.

            Learn the technique well before embarking in squats so you don't wreck your back.

            Full squats are a must and start with low weight until you get stronger.

            Try to do them pain free and experiment with different stances until you find one that suits you well
            I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

            Getting fit is also about managing your mindset: