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  • trying to get a waistline

    Ok I've been trying to do primal since 1 April and I'm doing ok, a bit 80/20. I've lost 3.5 kg (about 7-8lbs) but my waist measurements seem to have not moved at all. Now admittedly, my tummy does feel flatter and I am guessing I've lost some fat from my arms, from my upper back and depressingly, from my bottom (that is not a good thing, I have a virtually non existent bum to begin with) So my measurements are bust 36 inches, waist 31-32, hips 36. Yes I am straight up and down virtually.

    So anyone with some good ideas for me to whittle away the waist and see some shape back. Perhaps just stuff I can do while I am sitting here at my desk at work, or when I'm home.

    I do have 2 major outside all weather workouts on Wednesday and Friday mornings for 1 hour which involve all different sorts of stuff and I am sure that is helping with the fat loss.

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    I'm not sure that my ideas are "good" but I'd say that 7-8lbs in less than a month ain't a bad thing.

    Other than that, I've been reading here that it's tougher for women to lose fat for guys, so maybe 90%-98%? instead of 80%. When you're able to manage it. I wouldn't have dropped yogurt or grass fed cheese in the beginning, but now do just fine without them.

    I kind of feel where you're at, somehow my tape measure still says 55inchs, when my pants have gone down 3 sizes, and a belt that I couldn't even get around my waist by a long shot fits with the two ends together. (Still can't buckle it though.) So who do I trust that tape measure, or my pants???

    Keep at it, you'll get there.


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      Thanks Darth. In all honesty I've lost that weight over the last 2 months I would say. I was in the middle of a big renovation so weekends had me on the go constantly. Nice to say that now thats over, weekends involve walking the dogs more often!

      I am worried that I'll lose more weight where I dont want to. Would it be possible to end up with a concave bottom. hahahaha. But yeah, I'll stick with it


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        I don't think its possible to spot reduce fat. So my recommendation would be just too keep losing fat and eventually your stomach will catch up with the rest.
        A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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          I've also heard that you can't spot reduce, but you could try doing some squats/deadlift/lunges to really build some glute muscle. Also, I've heard that stomach vacuums (the exercise, not getting your stomach pumped) work for reducing your waist diameter:

          Good job on your progress!


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            I have lost 2 stone in all (28 lbs), through low carb and then PB. The big tyre around my tummy has taken ages to reduce and I still need to lose a good 3 inches (have lost 4 so far). In fact, I didn't lose any inches around my tummy until I had lost at least 14lbs. I heard somewhere that you lose the weight in the reverse order that you put it on, and I know that when I put on my weight, it hit my belly first, so it has come off my belly last. Don't know if there is any evidence for this, except for my own experience. I think the important thing is to avoid grains, and keep carbs quite low.
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              Agree with yodiewan - squats, lunges, etc. will build your butt.


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                Suse, we are all born with a shape and your smay be like mine -- rectangular (as opposed to pear or apple). My natural waist is only about 1.5 inches smaller than the waistline around my belly button, which isn't all that much less than my hips. It's typically considered an athletic build.

                Those with rectangular shapes tend to put on weight proportionally (meaning everywhere but in smaller amounts). The good news is we can typically carry 10 extra pounds and no one notices, but when we put on too much and need to lose weight it comes off from everywhere (in smaller amounts). I've lost 11.5 lbs since April 1 and my measurements are virtually no different -- yet I fit into clothes I haven't fit into in months.

                We are the few who have to ignore the measuring tape. Weird, but true.
                "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"


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                  I've heard that the sledgehammer workout is good for building solid core muscles. If you tone your abs and put a little bulk on your shoulders, the effects should combine to give you a more defined waistline.

                  Good luck! Let us know how you do.