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    I would personally train with muscle soreness, unless it was so bad that I thought it would impact my form.
    The only times I've experienced that has been when I've started training after being entirely detrained.

    But yeah, eating enough and foam rolling can do wonders! And a lacrosse ball for those harder to hit muscles can be quite nice as well.


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      Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
      And I'll keep pointing out that you're the only precious snowflake this applies to, until some type of evidence surfaces to contradict that statement. Good talk, Snowflake.
      Gotcha. Ignore my body's need for recovery, work out in pain, get injured or overtrain, and you'll say it's my fault, because it simply doesn't fit your agenda. Because everybody should be able to train like a 30 year old guy, and if not, to hell with them.

      I expect as much from a troll like Gorbag who exists to wreak havoc by giving bad advice to newbies. I expected better from you.


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        IMO there's a big difference between training while in pain, and training through soreness.


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          Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
          The only DOMS I have experienced of any note is when the day after a hard workout (first time back doing squats for years), even though experiencing muscle soreness, I followed with my usual 4.5 mile walk, which left me practically unable to walk at all.

          Exercising when experiencing muscle soreness results in longer recovery time from that soreness or increased soreness. It never results in any sort of improvement for me.

          In the end I decided to not exercise the same body part again until the soreness has gone away.

          This has eliminated DOMS, too. Imagine that!

          Pushing through the pain is for people who give themselves points for enduring pain.
          I am the late 20's guy that is lamented by you later, but I have a different take on what you wrote...

          I think that to mock you by calling you "a precious snowflake" because you prefer to NOT workout a sore muscle is ludicrous. I have trained with athletes from collegiate football to triathlon, and I have heard that approach many times. Total pansy ass noobs like Craig Alexander (arguably the best triathlete in the world) have argued this point in Triathlon magazine....his basic idea was that soreness due to slight discomfort should be worked through lightly with "recovery runs", while extreme soreness (giving weakness instead of just mild pain) should lead you to lay off training for a bit. You may say that you disagree with that idea, but saying it is novel or weak is condescending and untrue.

          Her overall point is that NOT everyone is a testosterone machine with a goal of running themselves into the ground or benching 350. A whole lot of people don't workout sore. That doesn't make them willfully "untrained" (more condescension) or weak. I tend to lay off when I am sore or sit it out entirely, and I am no one's definition of a newbie at this.

          My thing is that to someone of the opposite gender, with totally different goals, totally different experience, etc, my opinion doesn't matter and is irrelevant. If she were a young guy that wanted to do tough mudders, improve hiking endurance, and set PRs at the gym, then I'd presume my opinion counts for something. Not much, but at least we are aiming at the same things. I have posted about this before....unless someone has YOUR GOALS, YOUR approach is worthless to them. I wouldn't attempt to tell her what is good for her, or call her weak if she doesn't have my approach. Give your opinion. They can take it or leave it after that. Bullying isn't necessary or gentlemanly.

          Mocking says much more about the mocker than the target.
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          "The soul that does not attempt flight; does not notice its chains."


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            This went off like a firecracker... Certainly very interesting to see spectrums of people's approaches.

            My goal: is to actually change my body shape and composition. I'm not going to get extreme like a fitness model, but I want a similar (less extreme) look that may be slower but more sustainable and healthy, while also being functional.


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              I agree, and it is pretty funny on its own....apparently when you ask about soreness, it devolves into a discussion of people's inner character on whether they have the eye of the tiger enough to "push through the pain!" We all learned something here

              It reminds me of Colbert's pep talk. Go to 2:30.


              "I WANT YOU TO PICK A SPOT ON THE WALL!!!!"
              "The soul that does not attempt flight; does not notice its chains."


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                Foam rolling and a light recovery workout the next day (bodyweight squats, push ups, mobility work, just to get the blood flowing) are usually my go-to methods for fighting serious DOMS.

                I actually have some serious soreness in my quads from doing heavy rear foot elevated split squats on Friday (if you've never done RFESS, consider yourself lucky, the DOMS are brutal). Going to take a hot shower and do some stretching, and hopefully the soreness will be somewhat reduced for deadlifts tomorrow lol.
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                  Originally posted by eKatherine View Post

                  I expect as much from a troll like Gorbag who exists to wreak havoc by giving bad advice to newbies. I expected better from you.
                  What? You know that calling a poster a troll without any evidence is a form of trolling, dont you? Trolling is claiming something that you know is incorrect, or should have known is wrong, and pulling in whatever irrelevant argument trying to back it up! An example on trolling; In a thread the poster eKathrine responded to one of my postings claimed that she gained so much weight on a PSMF diet below 800 Kcal/day that she had to quit the diet. When I said that it must have been something wrong in her calculations, she backfired aggressively and asked whether I accused her for lying! Well, people with a minimum of knowledge about dieting knows that it is impossible to gain weight on a below 800 kcal diet and that a 60 pound dwarf will maintain his weight around 900 kcal/day. But eKathrine managed to even GAIN weight below 800 kcal! Thats a blatant example on trolling or extreme ignorance from a poster!

                  So eKathrine, when have I been given troll advices to newbies?
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                  "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

                  - Schopenhauer


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                    Originally posted by Gorbag View Post
                    ...when have I been given troll advices to newbies?
                    In almost every thread about strength training...