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Starting Strengh vs Strong Lifts?

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  • Starting Strengh vs Strong Lifts?

    Which is a better program and why?

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    Just grab some heavy iron and train until you are tired! Do not overthink stuff...
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      Which is better, winning the $10 million lottery or the $8 million? Some of us around here would argue that Starting Strength is the $10 million, but Gorbag's right. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Get under some heavy iron. And buy Starting Strength 3rd edition regardless if you're a novice lifter. Or if you're not.
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        The main differences between them are that StrongLifts is 5x5 and has rows while Starting Strength is 3x5 and has power cleans. Most people will do fine with either, but I'd give the edge to Starting Strength.
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          HOW TO GET STRONG:

          Do heavy compounds after learning proper form (Starting Strength is great for this)....track progress.....increase weight over time.


          I've been lifting for 10+ years, so all of the regimentation stuff has long-since lost its novelty. Added about 30lbs to my bench last year (295lbs at 184lbs body weight), so something is working. Keep it simple. Keep it intense. Everything else isn't necessary, IMO.
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            Somebody asks this question every couple of weeks. They should make a sticky so newbies don't have to keep asking it.