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  • Kettlebell Training

    Yesterday, I got together with a group of guys who train with kettlebells and holy shit, I'm shredded today. My hams, glutes, and lower back muscles are more sore than they'd typically be after a 600 pound deadlifting session. And all we did was a 20 minute circuit.

    Anyone here train with kettlebells?

    I'm having a heavy duty pull sled built this weekend too, and for 1/3 of what I'd pay if I bought it online - it'll be bullet-proof, it's made out of 5/8" diamond plate. I also just built a 150 pound (adjustable from 25 to 150 pounds) sandbag this weekend too for only $25 - a military-style canvas bag, play sand, and heavy-duty construction cleanup bags. And finally, I got a tractor tire for free from this place in town and I bought a sledgehammer from the Home Depot - a 16lb'er which is HEAVY as shit.

    I'm looking forward to these more alternative types of training.
    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    Yeah buddy. Check out this recent thread:

    Maybe we should start up a kettlebell group on the forum.


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      I think a kettlebell group is a great idea!


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        1st time I ever did it, I could barely walk the next day!
        Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!