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Thoughts On My Weightlifting Routine?

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  • Thoughts On My Weightlifting Routine?

    I was doing Starting Strength the final quarter of last year but then developed an achilles injury and stopped lifting weights until the past couple of weeks when I started back up again.

    I recently read a post on the leangains site, where the author said he basically has done just the following movements for years and they are what work best. I did a full-body workout yesterday and it was a lot but I really felt like I hit every part of my body and am seeing a bigger difference than when I was just doing SS.

    Here is the list from the leangains guy -

    Warm-up 5 minutes
    Barbell Back Squats
    Barbell Bench Presses
    Tricep Extensions
    Calf Raises

    Here is the modified version I am doing:
    • Warm-up 5 minutes
    • Barbell Back Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • DB Bench Presses
    • Assisted pullups (my gym has that machine where you pull-up but are assisted with some counterweight); I'd rather do chin-ups but often times the lone true pull-up bar is on the other side of the gym (up two flights of stairs, through the cardio room, etc.) and it is often being used when I get there : (
    • Tricep Extensions
    • Calf Raises

    Note that the leangains guy was doing barbell chest presses, not dumbbell, but due to a wrist injury from my 20's I have wrist issues with the barbell cp and much prefer the db version, and am making good gains so far with them. Also, because of my achilles issue, I have been doing calf raises (eccentric) for quite some time now as part of that prescribed therapy.

    What do you think? Do I need to stick to chin-ups or are the pullups okay?

    I've basically been lifting the full program 2x per week so far, but also do a 3rd day where I just do the squats and db chest presses. Those two movements are the ones that I focus the most time on. The rest I do 2 or 3 sets pretty quickly.

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    Looks like a pretty standard weight program with push/pull exercises for both upper and lower body. If you are going to stick with this one plan then its probably a good idea to switch up the sets/reps every few weeks so that you don't plateau. The biggest difference with the pull ups and chin ups is that chin ups use more biceps, whereas pull ups focus more on lats. In my opinion the pull us are better than chin ups, but they are both great exercises.


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      It looks fine, though in my years of lifting I have never seen any useful thing to come from a calf rise. But calves is the only part of my body I like & LG probably using it to exhaust glucogen in the calf on the low carb days & men often have more problems with calves.

      I would not really waste time with tricep extensions though when you are doing pull-ups and chin-ups, but if you want to try a program, it is the best to stick to the program.

      Pull-ups for me was always a better exercise than a chin-up, due to the different concert of muscles involved.
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        Looks fine to me, got all your big movements in there. I would alternate between DB bench and DB over head press, and alternate Dips with Extensions.


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          To get better answers you'd have to tell us what your training goals are? Size? Strength? Bodybuilding? Sports?

          I lift primarily to be better at sports, aesthetics is a distant second now (kinda just happens regardless though).

          So in my case..

          I would change the tricep extensions to some form of row. Any row at all. Tricep extensions are crap. One good row is all this routine is missing. But if you really want to keep it as another push then I'd suggest pushups, they are just too good to leave out. I've also never been a fan of calf raises, but I play volleyball five days a week so I guess my calves get enough work. I'd look to replace that with something like a lunge variant.