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  • Convict Conditioning Question

    Hi guys,

    I'm about to start Convict Conditioning - I hope to do two CC workouts a week and one sprint workout (ala Primal Blueprint Fitness).

    Question is, suppose you want to divide the 'big six' into two 3-exercise workouts, what's the best way? Would an upper/lower split of squats/bridges/leg raises and pushups/handstand pushups/pullups be good, or is there a better way?


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    Upper/Lower split would be the best.

    If you find that it isn't working then you could do something like pushups/squats/pullups and bridges/handstand pushups/leg raises. That would split up the work giving you a push and pull exercise in each workout.


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      Appreciate the response, thanks


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        If you are starting on CC, you could even do all six exercises both days for a while, though there will be some that you may not progress on at all. As much as I ever tried to rush the program, there is apparently some background behind him saying not to bother with Handstand Pushups and Back Bridges until other exercises have hit a certain level.

        Honestly, I'd probably look to find my weak point(s) in those six, then do those at least twice a week. For example, I'm good at pushups and squats, not so good at pullups and leg raises. I probably need more work on the latter two, rather than the former, and should structure my workouts to lean that way.


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          I've gone the other way and taken a very slow, gradual process. I'm following the book's recommendation and not doing bridges or handstand push-ups yet. I started at level one in everything. And, I'm only doing one exercise a day (initially because it allowed my son to sleep in a little longer before school because he is doing it with me). So, Monday is push-ups, Tuesday is leg raises, Wednesday is pull-ups, and Thursday is squats. I figure why rush it. I've got the rest of my life to try and make it to the master level in all six. I've seen quite a bit of progress both in levels/reps and how I look after 6 months. The pull-ups are by far the hardest for me as I'm still on step one of level 2 (10 Australian pull-ups). But, I got on my pull up bar the other day and could actually do a real pull up!