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How can I get rid of stretch marks?

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    Only on your hips?

    Mine start around my calf muscle -> inside my thighs -> the outside of my upper thighs -> my hips -> across my tummy and up to just above my belly button (kinda like a sun)
    Oh and my boobs too have stretch marks.

    They do fade. I found coconut oil helps.

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      Originally posted by MarielleGO View Post
      What does help is sun light. it's all that really helps to make them less noticeable
      Mine are more noticable when I'm tan, but cellulite less noticable. Can't win...


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        I have used dermelastic serum to successfully diminish the stretch marks on my belly and thighs. You definitely notice a difference if you used a described - rub it in twice a day. I noticed a big difference after about 4 weeks of use and it's best solution to get rid of stretch mark.


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